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The Sixers have given Fultz assignments during the games. He is tasked with watching numerous elements on the floor from a distance. They hold him accountable outside the arena, too. As a guard in the Sixers’ system, Fultz could be asked to run the floor, which creates an even bigger need to keep up with the schemes. “We challenge him a little bit,” Robert Covington said. “Even though he’s not playing, he still has to see what’s happening. He’s doing a good job. We ask at various times, on the bench, we catch him off guard. He handles them very well. He’s engaged even though he’s not on the court. One thing I can say is even though he’s not playing, he’s still learning a lot.”
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Markelle Fultz to see shoulder specialist

The Sixers may decide to continue playing Fultz if they feel he’s helping the team and the shoulder doesn’t get worse. Or they could decide to sit him after accepting the fact that the 19-year-old is hindered by the injury and will struggle until the shoulder gets better. As of this weekend, there hasn’t been any consideration given to sitting Fultz. “It’s not to the point where it’s affecting other parts of his game,” coach Brett Brown said.

The Sixers front office is typically as transparent as a politician, but head coach Brett Brown is straightforward. At the start of Sixers training camp, when Fultz first showed off some wack shooting mechanics, he said he was just messing around, but Brown openly admitted he’d like to see Fultz get “back on track” by reverting to his old shooting form. Now, Brown has acknowledged the injury, too. “I think [his shoulder] is affecting him more than he lets on. You can tell with his free throw, trying to get that ball up. It’s far out from his body. He’s been working on trying to get that thing rehabilitated,” Brown said. “And the lack of the quantity of his 3-point shooting may be a sign that it’s hurting a little more than he’s letting on.”

His shooting mechanics during the game made it obvious that the 76ers point guard was still dealing with the soreness that had forced him to sit out Friday night’s game vs. the Celtics. However, he downplayed the injury after Monday’s setback. Fultz said that it was something he has to play through and that the team was making great strides every day to get it better. “I wouldn’t say it’s making any effects on the floor, because I’m playing through stuff like that,” he said. “Every day I come in, we just talk to the trainers and do stuff for it and just get better.”
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Markelle Fultz done for summer league

Philadelphia 76ers rookie Markelle Fultz will not play for the rest of the summer league due to an ankle sprain suffered on Saturday in Las Vegas, a source told ESPN’s Marc J. Spears. Fultz was helped off the court after rolling his left ankle in a game against the Golden State Warriors. A source told ESPN Saturday that he suffered a high ankle sprain, but another source told Spears on Sunday that Fultz was well enough to walk around and the injury is not as serious as initially thought.
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November 23, 2017 | 2:19 am EST Update

League to fine Damian Lillard?

After voicing his displeasure, Lillard was well aware his criticism would draw the ire of the league office and perhaps result in a fine. But he didn’t seem to care. When his postgame interview was over, he turned to CJ McCollum at the locker next to him and offered the following: “Go ahead and fine me,” he said. “I’ve got the check ready to go.”
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Lillard scored 30 points, making 11 of 27 field goals, in the defeat. But despite his high volume of field goals, he attempted only three free throws, a fact that left him incredulous as he left Wells Fargo Center. “I got to the rim a lot,” Lillard said. “And I’m getting smacked in my head, smacked on my shooting hand when I’m going to the basket. Guys (are) knocking me to the ground every other play. Like hard. And (officials) know I’m trying to score. It’s impossible for me to shoot two or three free throws. It’s impossible. As much as I got to the rim and as much as they know that I’m trying to score, it’s impossible for me to get the (crap) beat out of me as often as I do.”
When asked if he felt he had earned the right to get the benefit of the doubt from officials at this stage of his career, Lillard scoffed. He said a foul is a foul, no matter who you are, and he simply wants officials to do their jobs. “I don’t want to look at it like, I’m this person or I’m that (so) you’re supposed to call these fouls,” he said. “I think a foul is a foul. I know it’s tough. They’ve got a tough job, man. But I’m not one of these guys out here trying to sell them on every call … I’m playing to score the ball. I ain’t trying to be out here hitting the ground every other play, because that’s not what I’m going out here trying to do. I’m not going to be falling out the air to get two free throws and hitting the ground the way I’m hitting the ground. I’m getting hit. I don’t want to keep doing it.”
The Sixers (10-7) scored the game’s first 16 points en route to their 101-81 decision Wednesday night at Wells Fargo Center. The Blazers (10-8) posted season lows in total points and field-goal percentage (33.7). The Sixers allowed their lowest point total this season. “I thought our offense was a C-minus,” Brown said. “I thought our defense was an A, and we are looking for two As.” But he’s still going to cherish this victory. “I thought at times our offense was sloppy,” Brown said. “But we beat the fourth-best team in the West by 20 points. I’m greedy, but I ain’t stupid.”
Westbrook led the Thunder with 34 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists. Durant finished with 21 points and five rebounds. First, Durant and Westbrook appeared to exchange some words during the second quarter of OKC and Golden State’s first meeting of this season. After Westbrook forced a turnover, he was shown on the broadcast saying something as Durant walked away and laughed. Per reporters at the game, the Thunder guard made KD laugh by shouting or shaking his head “No” at the crowd.
Storyline: Durant-Westbrook Relationship
Late in the second quarter, Westbrook denied a post entry into Durant and the ball sailed out of bounds. Westbrook turned to the Warriors’ bench and yelled, “No!” Durant pointed at Westbrook while just smiling. Westbrook was then fouled on the other end by Draymond Green. Green didn’t like the call, and he began clapping in the vicinity of Westbrook, and the reigning MVP began clapping back at him. The two had a few words before Westbrook went to the foul line to take his shots.