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But if McCaw and the Warriors are intent on continuing their partnership, they could better sculpt a deal that helps both sides. “Who knows where I’ll be,” McCaw said. “Hopefully I’m still with Golden State. …To be a part of this team, this organization the first two years, to learn — because every organization is not like Golden State. To have guys, superstar level talented players taking pay cuts to keep something together means a lot to me being young, having a group of guys who want to be together no matter the cost. It’s huge. It’s unreal I’m in this situation right now.”
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December 16, 2017 | 1:00 pm EST Update
The NBA announced a new All-Star Game format in October, in which the player with the most votes in each conference would serve as a captain and would pick his team regardless of conference affiliation. LeBron James, a potential captain who led the All-Star vote last season, said the NBA players’ focus would be on winning the game, not on who is or isn’t on their team. “Listen, we’re trying to win in the All-Star Game,” James said. “So you want to get the best player, you want to get the best caliber of player. Obviously you’re going to have some type of faithfulness obviously to your teammates, but also you want to compete.”
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December 16, 2017 | 12:43 pm EST Update