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“I was in the NBA for 33 straight years without a break, so my wife calls this a sabbatical,” the 57-year-old Wittman told ESPN 980’s Kevin Sheehan on Friday, in one of his first extensive interviews since being fired after the Wizards missed the playoffs last season. “I’m visiting teams. I’m watching other coaches and what they do in practices. It’s given me an opportunity to travel around and see it in a different angle than I’ve seen it up to this point.”
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March 25, 2017 | 3:19 pm EDT Update
“Us old-school guys, we don’t like it,” former Knicks and Hall of Fame point guard Walt “Clyde” Frazier told The Tribune earlier this week. “We didn’t have that luxury when I played. We had to play through commercials, back-to-backs, whatever they told us to do. We paved the way for these guys and they are biting the hand that feeds them. The reason the league is so big today is because of the TV money, and now they are sitting out?”
The rest issue is one of those complex subjects where each side can put forth a valid argument. Yes, the NBA is hurt when players sit during nationally televised contests. At the same time, coaches are operating with championship aspirations and are gearing up for long playoff runs. And former players are steadfast in believing that today’s players are sullying a league they helped build. “It just seems like the players today don’t have the love for the game that we had,” former Jazz forward Bryon Russell said. But the fans have the biggest gripe. They are the ultimate losers, the ones who shell out the money to see their favorite stars.
“I’m out of the boot, second stage of my rehab, ahead of schedule and feeling good,” the 30-year-old wing told CSN California’s Kayte Christensen. According to Gay, he is able to due weight bearing exercises, including some light squats. The 11-year NBA vet is still a ways away from returning to the court, but if he’s ahead of schedule, that means he might be ready for training camp come late September.