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Curry participated in a modified on-court scrimmage with the team last week and is increasing the intensity of his on-court practice sessions. He’s also been warming up prior to Warriors games and has looked nimble. But Myers noted that while Curry might look good, the Warriors want to see how his ankle feels afterwards. “I hope it doesn’t appear that we are being evasive. But with something like this, you kind of have to go through it and measure it and test it and not only do you have to go through a 3-on-3 and hopefully a 5-on-5 scrimmage, getting through it doesn’t necessarily answer the question because then you have to see how your ankle responds to what you put it through,” Myers said.

Steve Kerr said he’ll likely have another workout on Sunday before his scheduled re-evaluation Tuesday, the day after the Christmas Day game against the Cavaliers. Kerr was asked if there was any chance Curry would play Monday in that Finals rematch. He noted nothing has been finalized, but it’s highly unlikely he’ll play in the holiday’s marquee match up. “I would be shocked,” Kerr told reporters. “We haven’t made that determination. We haven’t even discussed it.”

Stephen Curry remains sidelined with a sprained right ankle at least until next Tuesday — when he’s set to be reevaluated — but he was on the court Wednesday doing dribbling and shooting drills while attached to a resistance band after the Warriors’ shoot around. Curry, who sustained the injury Dec. 4 in a game against New Orleans, has missed the team’s last five games. Curry was evaluated Dec. 19, and the team said he had progressed enough to partake in modified on-court workouts — but that he’d need to be out at least another week.

Even though the Warriors won’t be providing an official update on Stephen Curry’s sprained right ankle until next week, Bob Myers shed some light on the recovery process during his weekly interview on “The Greg Papa Show” with Bonta Hill on Wednesday afternoon. “I think he’s probably where he should be,” Myers said on 95.7 The Game. Curry hasn’t seen the court since last Monday when he endured the injury in the win over the Charlotte Hornets. “I saw his ankle on Monday and it looked swollen, it looked bruised — which it should,” Myers continued.

The moment normally would have called for the Warriors to mourn Stephen Curry’s absence. Or openly lament the impossible task in replicating Curry’s outside shooting that has ensured two NBA titles, two regular-season MVPs and a team-leading 26.3 points with efficiency from the field (47.3 percent) and from the perimeter (38.1 percent) The Warriors will miss Curry for at least the next two weeks, including Wednesday’s game against the Charlotte Hornets, because of a sprained right ankle. And yet, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said something that most NBA coaches would not. “In a weird way,” Kerr said, “it’s a good thing for our team.”
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Here’s the weird truth: even in this halcyon era, the Warriors never quite figured out offense with Curry on the bench. They’ve scored at around a league-average rate, or worse, with Curry resting in each of the past four seasons, per They have never really locked on a non-Curry identity. They move around without purpose, in cluttered space. Green shoots and distributes more, and can get a little wild. Thompson shoots more, and a little less accurately. Golden State scored 115.4 points per 100 possessions when Curry played without Durant last season, and 108.7 with Durant as the lone alpha. The splits this season: 116 points per 100 possessions with just Curry, 107 with just Durant.

Kelsey Riggs: Steph Curry at Davidson game tonight in a boot. Confirms he’s out for tomorrow and says he’s disappointed to miss out on playing in his hometown. Tells me the timeline for when he’ll be back on the court is a couple of weeks, but says he’s optimistic.

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Bryant repeatedly chose to play with the injury, thereby declining surgery on his finger. Curry did not say whether his finger injury was severe enough to consider surgery, but stressed that he intended to continue playing through it. The challenge going forward will be pain management, and adjusting to playing with tape and padding on his shooting hand, Curry said. “It hurts,” Curry said. “But guys have played through worse than this. Obviously with your shooting hand, it’s one of those things you got to get adjusted to. I’m not used to playing with tape, a brace, wrist wrap, all that stuff. But I’ll get better with it.”
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