Storyline: Travis Wear Free Agency

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March 22, 2018 | 3:16 pm EDT Update
Anthony Randolph: I have had more than a couple opportunities to go back. For me personally, I have stated to the teams that I talk to that I would want to have a significant role when I come back and I wanted to play. I am getting a little bit older. I don’t want to go back to the NBA to sit on the bench and kind of waste a year or two of my career. I enjoy playing. I enjoy competing against guys. The competition has gotten so much better over here that I’m challenged every night playing overseas. I’m 100 percent at peace if I don’t go back to the NBA. No regrets at all. I’m happy. My family is happy. We are very well taken care of. Real Madrid takes care of me. There are no regrets at all.
Storyline: Anthony Randolph Free Agency
Henry Sims: A non-guaranteed contract isn’t fun to have. You don’t know if you will be cut tomorrow or today. You are working your butt off to sit the bench. I have done that for a good amount of time. I wanted to be able to have some type of comfort and stability and be able to know I would be with a team all season unless something catastrophic happened. I know I’m going to have money coming in. Even if it’s a couple days late, that’s fine. Since I’ve been in the NBA, I’ve played there and I’ve proven myself, it was a little easier to turn down a non-guaranteed deal. I know what I’m worth. I’m better than a one-year, non-guaranteed contract. I can pretty much get the same amount of money guaranteed and travel the world. It’s not a bad decision to make.
Marc Stein: Didn’t really buy into their whole pursuit-of-@KingJames thing … but maybe the @NZBreakers and their new American owners (led by @mattyvincent44 + @matrix31) have more juice than I thought. Here’s the ex-NBAer Walsh yesterday (for real) trying to win the fandom of @BarackObama.