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Chris Haynes: Aaron Goodwin, Damian Lillard’s agent, responds to George Karl’s criticisms that Lillard is focusing on his brand, getting too much attention and thus the reason Blazers are struggling. “That’s silly. I have always loved and respected George, way back when he coached Gary Payton. But with that observation, he sounds like an idiot. He couldn’t get anyone in this league to agree with him on that assessment. If it’s either the coach or the point guard, the point guard runs the coaches plays I guess that explains him becoming a writer….”
Similarly Aaron Goodwin – DeRozan’s longtime agent – isn’t known as a Scott Boras type, who’s looking to extract every last dollar and willing to use every conceivable ounce of leverage to do so. When the Raptors were negotiating the four-year extension with DeRozan, Goodwin ultimately put the decision in his client’s hands, according to sources, recognizing that in the end it would be the player, not him, who would be living and working under the terms of the deal. And it’s important to note that the Raptors have a considerable advantage in being able to offer DeRozan the best deal. They can pay him the aforementioned $153 million over five years while any other team can only offer $114 million over four.
Brown, a one-and-done wing who played at California, has made the rare move to enter the NBA draft without hiring a primary agent to handle his team negotiations. He is leaning on the National Basketball Players Association for advice and assistance during his predraft preparations. He did, however, look to agent Aaron Goodwin to negotiate his shoe deal. Goodwin has long been viewed as a marquee agent for shoe deals, having negotiated some of the most lucrative endorsement contracts in the industry, including LeBron James’ and Kevin Durant’s rookie shoe deals with Nike, and Dwight Howard and Damian Lillard’s signature shoe deals with adidas.
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Toronto can offer him a five-year max deal, but there is the possibility that DeRozan could join his hometown Los Angeles Lakers and succeed Kobe Bryant. If he were to land in L.A. or another major market, DeRozan could expect to get shoe-deal offers worth three times the current range of less than half a million dollars that he’s earning from Nike. DeRozan is represented by Goodwin Sports, founded by twin brothers Aaron and Eric Goodwin, long considered some of the most creative and best shoe-deal negotiators in the industry. The Goodwins brokered James’ and Kevin Durant’s historic rookie shoe deals with Nike, and more recently leveraged Portland point guard Damian Lillard’s early All-Star-level play into a mammoth adidas signature shoe-deal extension.