Aaron Mintz Rumors

Several players around the NBA with non-guaranteed contracts like his were placed on waivers in time to clear waivers before contracts would become guaranteed on Tuesday. Bobby Brown was happy to report that his phone did not ring. “I knew what day it was,” Brown said. “I definitely was happy. I talked to my agent (Aaron Mintz) and now can continue to focus on the team, what we’ve been doing. I’m happy I’m going to be here and focused on doing whatever I can do to help this team, in the locker room, on the court, in practice.”
At the moment, the sides are in the final throes of wait-and-see mode. President of Basketball Operations Neil Olshey has said he will begin negotiations with Leonard’s agent, Aaron Mintz, late this month, and the sides have maintained public silence throughout training camp. When talks do start, multiple factors will resolve how determined the sides are to reach agreement. For the Blazers, it could be less expensive in the long-run to sign him now, a year before the salary cap is expected to skyrocket. But it also means the team would be betting on Leonard’s potential rather than his body of work.
Storyline: Meyers Leonard Extension