Adam Silver Rumors

After NBA commissioner Adam Silver confirmed Joe Tsai’s deal to buy 49 percent of the Nets, team owner Mikhail Prokhorov said the e-commerce billionaire will be a fantastic partner and a boon for the entire league. “Just we are finishing the deal. I think Joe is a great partner and will help the game and help the NBA,” Prokhorov told The Post after watching his Nets pull out a come-from-behind 103-98 victory Tuesday night over the Wizards at Barclays Center.
Though NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said earlier this year that he believes expansion is “inevitable,” there is no indication among league owners and other sources that there’s any current appetite among NBA owners to add one or two new teams. The obvious reason why is there is no appetite among them to further split the $24 billion from the new national TV deal, which runs through 2024. (As ever, in the interests of full disclosure: Turner Sports, one of the NBA’s national television partners along with ESPN/ABC, runs “I don’t see expansion,” one owner said this weekend. “A move is the only way.”
“We’re just beginning to look at what the cost would be for putting a G-League team here in Mexico City. Right now, the teams are almost exclusively owned by NBA clubs. There are a few independent owners, but there is not, in essence, a market for G-League teams. They don’t sell independent of NBA franchises. It would be something that would be worked out with a partner here, and we’d determine, ultimately, what the value of that team is and the cost structure for operating in Mexico City.”
Mayor de Blasio may not think the Nets are working out in Brooklyn, but NBA commissioner Adam Silver begs to differ. When The Post asked Silver, on hand Thursday night for the first of the Nets’ two games at Arena Ciudad de Mexico, about the shade being thrown at the team by the New York City mayor, he defended both the impact they have had on the area around Barclays Center and the direction they are headed in climbing out of their recent malaise. “I believe the Brooklyn Nets have exceeded all expectations in terms of the move from Secaucus to Brooklyn,” Silver said. “The development surrounding the area around the Barclays Center in Brooklyn is fantastic in terms of restaurants and commercial business and the residential (development).”