Adam Silver Rumors

Even NBA commissioner Adam Silver vowed to fix the system that allowed a player of Durant’s caliber to join a team that just won 73 games and nearly a second straight title. That comment from Silver was definitely something that ground West’s gears. On The TK Show, West talked about comments from owners and commissioner Silver saying it’s unfair to the people involved in this signing and teams in a position in the future who may make a signing of that stature. He even said he called Silver and voiced his displeasure with those comments. “It’s sour grapes,” West said. “We signed Shaquille O’Neal and it wasn’t as big an uproar as this. Listen, the owners make the rules. They negotiate with the players. And for them to say something like that, to me it’s wrong on their part. The commissioner said something like that and I called him about it. I told him I didn’t think the comment was fair. It’s not fair to Kevin. It’s not fair to the Warriors. It’s not fair to any team going forward who will sign a free agent of this stature. “The players bargained for this. They have a chance to go play where they want to. I only wish I had that opportunity in my career and I’m sure a lot of other people felt the same way.”