Adrian Wojnarowski Rumors

A Yahoo spokesperson said the company anticipates “strong synergies between Verizon and Yahoo.” For example, Verizon’s streaming video services could feature video and audio from Adrian Wojnarowski, the sportswriter whose basketball-oriented part of Yahoo Sports, The Vertical with Woj, has been a breakout hit. Verizon has extensive deals for NBA basketball programming. But talk of synergy often precedes layoffs as well. A senior staffer described the concern this way: “There’s a lot of duplication” between Yahoo and AOL, which already has The Huffington Post and other media properties. “They don’t need repetitive sites.”
It was also in Milwaukee that Charania met some of his journalism idols. He introduced himself to Wojnarowski and Jenkins, among others. Wojnarowski, who recalls introducing himself to Bob Ryan as a recent college grad at the 1994 NBA Draft, took a liking to the driven 19-year-old. “You could tell right away he was very serious-minded about it and obviously far ahead of his years in how he was carrying himself and what he was investing into it,” says Wojnarowski.
Bill Simmons has owned up to his mistake, and good for him. The man formerly known as “The Sports Guy” took to his podcast this week and apologized to Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski for ever questioning his reporting powers. As we posted earlier in the week, back in February Simmons and frequent guest Joe House, took to the airwaves and blasted a report from Wojnarowski’s site The Vertical. The report claimed the Golden State Warriors were preparing to make a run at Kevin Durantin free agency. Simmons tore the piece apart, claiming there was no way the Warriors were looking that far ahead or even considering a future with Durant. How’d that turn out?
Woj on Duncan and Ginobili: “Tim Duncan’s future is still uncertain. Tim Duncan’s date is coming up here soon (Wednesday), where he’s going to either opt into his deal into the final year – now he can opt into the deal, get his money and still decide to retire, and then the Spurs could pay him almost as a going away. But I don’t know that you’re going to have a answer on Tim Duncan’s future before the start of free agency. He’s as liable to walk into Pop’s office any day and say ‘hey, I’m playing, or I’m not playing.’ He’ll call R.C. Buford in, ‘hey ok,’ let’s call his agent Tim Tanner and that’s it, or this may linger. I think there’s some different scenarios in play for Tim about well, maybe you could play a certain amount of games and I think there’s a strong belief that Manu Ginobili is probably going to play another year. He’s not tying himself to Tim on what Tim does. It’s not like ‘hey, we’re going to go out together.’ I think Manu feels, if he feels like he has more in him, I think he’s going to play.”
Woj on West: “And then David West, going into this year, people around David West said this was going to be his last year and I remember talking to him in the preseason about that in going down to San Antonio and he thought, like, ‘could be.’ And I think now he enjoyed that year so much in San Antonio, he’s a free agent – of course they’d want to keep him. I’ll say this about David West – whenever he decides to retire, he will be the most sought after front office executive in the league. Everybody in the league wants to get David West in their front office. He’s going to be a GM someday, if that’s what he wants to do, but boy, I know like it will be hard to pluck him out, once he’s gotten into San Antonio, I would be shocked if he doesn’t have the opportunity to get in their front office, but I know other organizations would love to get him. The league office, David West – he’s everything you want in a player, a leader, a great thinker, a high character guy, and the Spurs loved having him and they really hope he plays another year.”
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