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“Utah’s paid Rudy [Gobert] $100 million,” Prather told The Tribune. “And Rudy deserves every cent of that contract. They are going to have to pay Gordon a max contract, and he deserves every cent. It’s going to be difficult to commit to a $300 million dollar frontcourt.” “We’re not upset at all,” the agent added. “This is just the business side of things, and this is just the reality of where we’re at.”
Storyline: Derrick Favors Extension
Bernie Lee: When we are preparing for an interview with a team, I’ve always personally found it cliché to overcoach. Instead, what I will do is make sure the player knows the names of every person they are going to meet from teams and what their backgrounds are. I got this idea from having a client on the Dallas Mavericks some years ago. The Mavs were one of the first teams to hire a full-time sports psychologist (Don Kalkstein). On game days, they would give players brief pop quizzes and I noticed one of the questions my client got every time was about the names of the refs that night. It’s something that really made sense to me. One thing that NBA referees hate is when players attempt to address them during a game and they begin the conversation with “Hey, ref” – especially young players. This simple thing of making sure you know the refs’ name totally changes the tone of every interaction. I took this premise and have attempted to apply it to meetings.