Agents Rumors

Most people don’t know how a player goes about choosing their agent and what goes on in the pitch meetings. Fans may see a tweet or short article announcing which player an agent hired, but that’s about it. HoopsHype wanted to take a deeper look at the process of selecting a representative, so we talked to several NBA players and agents to understand what it’s like to be on both sides of the table: Player No. 1: “As I was considering which agents to meet with, I was really considering their body of work – what they’ve been able to do for other players, particularly what they’ve been able to do recently. And even though this is a business, I wanted someone who made sure things were family-oriented. If we’re going to be working together for a while, I need somebody I can trust and somebody who is looking out for me. The agent being family-oriented was important to me. Once I felt like I found someone who was on the same page as me and was honest about how both sides would benefit if I hired him, I knew that’s who I should go with.
Agent No. 2: “Those meetings can be pretty difficult because usually you haven’t spent a lot of time with the people you’re pitching to in the room. Yeah, you’ve seen them at games and talked to them on the phone a bit, but you haven’t spent a significant amount of time with them and gotten to really know them. Prospects will sometimes line up five or six of these agent meetings in a row, so you basically have an hour and a half to really connect with the player and his family and give your pitch.