Agents Rumors

Golden State Warrior Andre Iguodala says his agent, Brandon Rosenthal, is like the assistant coach who finally gets his shot to be the head coach. “It’s similar to the coach who went to Washington from Syracuse — Mike Hopkins,” Iguodala said in a telephone interview. Hopkins was the longtime assistant coach to Syracuse head basketball coach Jim Boeheim before being named to the head coaching position for the Washington Huskies hoops team in March. “Mike has been waiting in the wings for Boeheim to leave for the longest, but Boeheim just stuck around,” Iguodala said. “But you know, ‘Hop’ is now the head coach.”
Iguodala said last week that he is staying with Landmark Sports and will be represented by Rosenthal, after Rob Pelinka left the agency to become general manager of the Los Angeles Lakers. When Pelinka left the Los Angeles-based NBA player representation firm in March, many in the industry and the media thought there would be a mass exodus of NBA players from the firm. But so far, that hasn’t been the case. One player, Minnesota Timberwolves guard/forward Shabazz Muhammad, who will be a restricted free agent this summer, has left the agency. There is a 15-day window, under National Basketball Players Association rules, between when an NBA player can fire one agent and sign with a new one. Muhammad was in that window last week and had not signed with another agent.