Agents Rumors

Agent BJ Armstrong on Derrick Rose going AWOL before the Pelicans-Knicks game: “I think in looking back, just a simple phone call or a simple text notifying the team to let them know what happened, what he needed to do and take care of with his family situation would have clearly been a thing that he needed to do. He felt that he needed to go home and take care of a family matter that, he did. He needed to go and family is first and family’s very important but I think the big thing that is coming from this story is that, a simple text, a simple notifying someone from the knicks to let them know what he needed to do.”
Liggins was fortunate to have one of the game’s most respected agents, Henry Thomas of CAA, representing him. Thomas has represented some of the game’s most upstanding people over the years, from Dwyane Wade to Chris Bosh to Michael Finley and Udonis Haslem. Liggins, though, was not a high-profile client. But Thomas didn’t drop him. “You have to know your guy,” Thomas said Friday. “He was young when that happened. I’ve stuck with him for the whole time. He’s from Chicago. I tend to stick with Chicago guys, because I’m from Chicago. I just thought that he had a chance to make it in the NBA. I thought he was skilled enough to make it. He just needed to be with the right team.”