Amadou Fall Rumors

You’re talking about starts, what are the plans and objectives of the African basketball? Amadou Fall: Our mission revolves around the development of basketball at its root. We must make this sport more accessible. Unlike football, which can be played anywhere with anything, basketball requires a ground ball, baskets and it is our role to get involved in the development of this infrastructure so that even in the remotest corners , kids can play basketball soon. As in my case, many players begin later in Africa (at 16) and lose a lot of years because they have not been exposed to basketball before. Our efforts also concentrate on developing local expertise; we are investing a lot to organize seminars to train staff (coaches, referees). We also hope that viewers have the opportunity to see NBA games. We do a lot of effort so that our meetings are broadcast on national television in Africa. Young people are very attracted by basketball but also by the “lifestyle around the sport.
What changes have you noticed since you took office as head of the NBA Africa? Amadou Fall: This year we are meeting all the records, we will soon be present on the entire African continent in one way or another. This is due to long-standing agreements that we have with partners such as Canal +, ESPN, Al Jazeera or Company C Africa covering many countries. Last week for example I could see the Lakers game against Dallas in a bar in Nairobi Kenya and I think it’s great because it brings together people of basketball.