Anadolu Efes Rumors

Dario Saric returned to Croatia this weekend when his club, Anadolu Efes, played KK Cedevita in Zagreb. While there Saric, a native of Croatia who plays on the Croatian national team, talked to Jutarnji list, one of Croatia’s largest newspapers. In the article Saric talked about everything from his current playing time and role with Efes to the possibility of him joining the Sixers for the 2016-17 season.
Storyline: Dario Saric to Sixers?
Saric’s status after this season is still unclear. He has a buyout in his deal with his Turkish team, Anadolu Efes, after this season, though no one seems to know for exactly how much. But even if the Sixers — limited by league rules to contribute no more than $650,000 next year toward a buyout, meaning Saric would have to come up with the rest — could work out a deal with Efes, Saric could do better financially by waiting until 2017. If he does, as others have written, he would no longer be bound by the rookie scale, as he’d be three years past his Draft year. He could then sign a contract for a lot more dough as Nikola Mirotic did in Chicago. Mirotic, taken in the 2011 Draft, signed a three-year, $17 million deal with the Bulls in 2014. Lord knows Philly will have cap space.
Storyline: Dario Saric to Sixers?
Next, Saric. The Croatian signed a three-year deal with his Turkish team, Anadolu Efes, days before the 2014 draft. So as the Sixers await his arrival, how often does Brown keep tabs on the 21-year-old overseas? “Every day, all day,” Brown said. “WhatsApp. Play text tag with my players, he’s a WhatsApp guy. Saw him today, they had a tough loss to the Czech team, but all day, every day pay attention to Dario.”