Andy Miller Rumors

Earlier this week, the offices of ASM Sports, an agency headed by Andy Miller, was raided by the FBI amidst an ongoing NCAA corruption scandal. Janis Porzingis, Kristaps’ brother, works for ASM and is his primary agent. Miller is his secondary agent. Reportedly, at least two NBA clients have left ASM since the investigation became public. “Honestly I’m not informed enough to talk about (that),’’ Porzingis said Friday after returning to practice. “I’m not sure what’s going on, really. I’m in a similar situation right now — I want to focus on training camp right here. However that comes out, we’ll go from there.’’
It is not yet known what some of Miller’s more high profile clients such as Kyle Lowly, Serge Ibaka and Kristaps Porzingis will do. However, Myles Turner appears to feel comfortable with Miller continuing to represent his interests. “I talk to [Miller] every day. Keeping me updated on everything. Telling me you’re going hear stuff. People are going to want me to go here. People are going to want me to jump ship, but Andy’s my guy, man. I’m not going nowhere,” said Turner.
Storyline: Agent Changes
In the wake of the FBI corruption probe that has shaken the college basketball world this week, multiple clients have severed ties with Andy Miller, one of the NBA’s most prominent agents, and another has filed a $13.5 million arbitration claim, alleging he was defrauded, league sources told ESPN. Los Angeles Clippers center Willie Reed filed the claim in part because of Christian Dawkins, one of the 10 people arrested on federal corruption charges on Tuesday. Dawkins was reportedly terminated by Miller and his company, ASM, in early May following a National Basketball Players Association probe into the unauthorized use of a player’s personal credit card.
3 weeks ago via ESPN
Myles Turner pledged his support to Andy Miller and his agency. “I’m not concerned with anything that’s going on at ASM,” he said. “There’s a lot of stuff people are going to tell me, a lot of stuff in the media. I have a lot of confidence in Andy Miller. I have a lot of confidence in him. I’m remaining loyal to him through thick and thin, which he has done with me. I’m supremely confident this will blow over with him. I have no worries whatsoever.”