Andy Miller Rumors

In the offseason, the largest source of “sourced” information comes from the agent community. While there are some agents, you have likely heard of such as Dan Fegan, Andy Miller (ASM Sports), B.J. Armstrong (Wasserman), Bill Duffy (BDA Sports), and Jeff Schwartz (Excel Sports), these are the top of the food chain in the agent world. However, the army of support agents that work under them or the smaller agents that have a small group of clients make up the biggest percentage of the agent community. They also make up the largest sewing circle of NBA information out there.
Surrounded by a sea of yellow “We Believe” T-shirts and placards, Davis’ dunk became the lasting image of that run. A more tantalizing one, though, never made it out of Mullin’s dreams: Davis and Jackson joined by Kevin Garnett—yes, that Kevin Garnett, still in his prime—to take the step the We Believers had left untaken. “It was basically done,” Mullin says. “I was doing an extension with [agent] Andy Miller on Kevin Garnett’s deal. KG liked Baron enough, and we had talked enough. He said, ‘Yo, I’ll do it.'” A 2007 draft-night three-team deal with the Timberwolves and Charlotte (then the Bobcats) would’ve sent Garnett to the Warriors, Richardson to the Bobcats and picks and talent to the Timberwolves. It fell apart, Mullin says, when then-Warriors owner Chris Cohan dragged his feet and ultimately said no.
Philadelphia 76ers President of Basketball Operations Bryan Colangelo announced today that the team has made several key additions to the analytics and strategy department, naming Andy Miller, Alex D’Amour and Alex Franks as Senior Researchers, and Grant Fiddyment and Michael Lai as Data Scientists. “We are very excited to add this level of intelligence, experience and innovation to our already deep analytics and strategy group,” Colangelo said. “Vice President Alex Rucker and Director Sergi Oliva did a great job identifying and securing the highest level candidates from a worldwide pool of talent as we address expansion plans of our current systems, processes and capabilities.”
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