Andy Miller Rumors

As an organization, the Magic became enamored with the long-term possibilities of Porzingis and became aggressive in persuading him to remain in the 2014 draft. So aggressive, in fact, Miller worked a guarantee out of Hennigan that Orlando would choose Porzingis with the No. 10 pick in 2014. Orlando owned two picks, including No. 4. If Porzingis preferred to play one more year with Sevilla in the Spanish ACB before coming to the NBA, the Magic would support him. “Rob had a thorough, comprehensive plan,” Miller told The Vertical. “He had invested as much, or more time, into Kristaps as anyone in the league. He really studied him. They had a plan for supplemental training, development. It wasn’t just, ‘Let’s just draft him and see what happens.’ This was a plan. Kristaps knew the plan and just wasn’t ready.”
After most of the pro day executives cleared out of the gym in Vegas in mid-June, 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie lingered to meet with Miller. Hinkie stopped him in the lobby area and asked Miller about a chance to sit down and visit with Porzingis. “You said that I would get a meeting with him here,” Sam Hinkie told Miller. “I said, ‘I’d try,’ and it’s not going to work out, Sam,” Andy Miller responded. An awkward silence lingered, the GM and agent, standing and staring. The Porzingis camp wanted no part of the Sixers’ situation at No 3. Miller couldn’t stop Philadelphia from drafting Porzingis, but he could limit the information they had to make a decision. And did. No physical. No meeting. No workout. The Sixers passed on Porzingis on draft night, clearing the way for the Knicks to select him.
“My brother translated [that work ethic] to me,” the rookie says of Janis, who now serves as Kristaps’ agent along with Andy Miller. “He wants me to be the best player I can be.” Early on, Janis thought the best his brother could be was star at the Euroleague level. He honestly didn’t see the NBA draft lottery in Kristaps’ future. But when Kristaps turned 17, the athleticism started to emerge and develop, catching up to his size, which represents the unique combination Knicks fans see today.
The Knicks have a multi-lingual, multi-skilled and extremely marketable talent, but Porzingis’ agent, Andy Miller, said he is looking more for business partnerships – which will surely develop in time – over simple endorsement opportunities for his client. The overwhelming attention has made it increasingly tougher for Porzingis to find a place to eat without being recognized. Some people assume he’s important when he enters a room simply by his sheer size.