Argentina Rumors

Ginobili’s brother, Sebastian, is Weber Bahia Blanca’s coach, while his friend, Juan Ignacio “Pepe” Sanchez, is its chief executive. “For the team, for my brother, for the owner, for the players, for the city, everything, it is a huge thing,” said Ginobili, who played for Bahia Blanca before moving to the Italian league in 1998. “I am so very happy for them.”
The time, according to the reports, will be spent “training” and getting medical “check-ups,” the former to determine his “evolution” as a player, the latter to make certain his surgically repaired right ankle is progressing. The week after Vaulet was drafted in 2015, he suffered a stress fracture of his ankle while playing for Argentina in a FIBA Under-19 tournament. He was brought to the U.S., where Dr. Martin O’Malley, the Nets foot and ankle specialist, surgically repaired the ankle at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.