ASVEL Rumors

Livio Jean-Charles recently gave an interview to French site BeBasket and while his answers were by no means scandalous, there are some great nuggets there. For starters, Livio states that he doesn’t know whether he is a small forward or a power forward and he and his coach will try to develop his game to be able to play both positions, which I consider great news. He also mentions that he wouldn’t be too thrilled to play in the D-League, which is not great news. But the biggest takeaway from that interview has to be this paragraph: An assistant for the Spurs is by your side this season. What exactly is his role? Is it about your personal development? David was sent by the Spurs, and he will be present throughout the year. He is here to witness but also be involved with my season here. But I want to be clear, Peter Vincent is in charge of my evolution at ASVEL.
San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker has now become the majority share holder in French club ASVEL according to French site L’Equipe. Parker, who served as the team’s Vice President of Basketball Operations, will take the helm of the team in May where he will become the club’s President after acquiring a majority of the shares. “I decided to buy the whole club. Now I’m the majority shareholder and from the end of May I will be president of the Asvel “said Parker.
In an interview with Le Progres, Tony Parker confirmed that he is still involved with ASVEL Villeurbanne. The PG of the Spurs strongly criticized the signing of Chace Stanback, a newcomer in Villeurbanne. “He is null. He is not the player we had thought. We have a genius as scout. I don’t want to criticize Bob Sudre, but when you watch players, there are more that are better than him. Personally I told him: ‘Who is that guy?'” said Parker who confirmed that Stanback is still in the roster of ASVEL.
For those of you wondering about Ronny Turiaf’s debut with Asvel Basket, well, it was a bit of a mixed bag of results on Sunday. After resolving insurance issues, the locked-out New York Knick started for Asvel as Tony Parker’s side hosted defending LNB champions/ Euroleague team SLUC Nancy. Turiaf looked good enough in his first game since injuring his hand in a friendly match leading up to the 2011 EuroBasket tournament, going for nine points (including one effusive dunk early on; see below Asvel-based YouTube clip), eight rebounds (four offensive), three assists and five fouls drawn in 25 minutes of court time.
“I will be on the plane on Wednesday and I hope to take part in my first training session by the end of the week,” Turiaf was quoted on the club’s website. Bartelstein, however, said no plane reservations have been made Turiaf would join All-Star point guard Tony Parker on the club. Turiaf has a French heritage, growing up in Martinique. He was given a huge ovation during the Knicks’ preseason game in Paris last October.
Ronny Turiaf, the Knicks oft-injured center, may take his cranky knees overseas to France to play for Villeurbanne during the NBA lockout. The French League team announced it on its website yesterday, but agent Mark Bartlestein said the deal isn’t done as they look into insurance. “There’s definitely a lot of insurance things that have to be worked out,” Bartlestein told The Post.
ASVEL made official in its website the signing during the NBA lock out of Ronny Turiaf. The french team member, which couldn’t play at the Euro because of its broken left hand, joins Tony Parker under the green Jersey. The New York Knicks center never played in Pro A as he went to to the university of Gonzaga, before joining the NBA and the Lakers, the warriors and then the Knicks.
He will play for minimum wage: $2,000 a month. But he’ll also get valuable hands-on front-office experience working alongside club president Gilles Moretton. Asked if this was something of a business internship for him, Parker said: “Exactly, exactly.” “I always said that after my career I wanted to be the president of a club and manage a club,” Parker said at a news conference at a luxury Paris hotel on Thursday. “With Gilles, I have the perfect president to learn from. He can train me so that I am ready in 10 years when I retire. “I’m learning marketing, how to speak to sponsors, how to push projects forward and all that. I want to learn.”
In Parker the player, Parker the general manager got quite a steal. The three-time All-Star, slated to earn $12.5 million in the NBA this season, will play for $1,995 per month in France. “I’ll be playing nearly for free,” Parker told the French daily L’Equipe. “If I play the entire season, we’ll go for the title.” Whether the 29-year-old Parker actually appears in an ASVEL uniform at all largely will be determined at the collective bargaining table, where NBA owners and its players union face a Monday deadline to settle their dispute before regular-season games must be canceled or delayed.
What are the financial terms? Tony Parker: I reached an agreement for my insurance two days ago. I will play in France for the minimum salary. I am going to earn 1,500 euros a month. I will pay for my insurance. I didn’t want ASVEL to pay anything. Hadn’t I received my insurance, I would have stayed in San Antonio. I had big offers from China, a nice one from Barcelona. But I said from the beginning: It’s in France and nowhere else.
Why did you decide to come back to play in France? Tony Parker: I must admit that at the end of the NBA season, I couldn’t picture myself playing with ASVEL. But during the summer, I started talking with French National Team teammates: Boris Diaw, Batum. Starting from there, the idea of playing in France became real. Then, coming back from the Eurobasket, when I noticed all the passion surrounding our silver medal, I figured it would be a good idea. My family, my friends, wouldn’t stop telling me, “Come on, come back, we’ll be able to see you play.” I realized there may not be another opportunity to come play in France.