Austin Ainge Rumors

Danny Ainge’s opinion did not change, but the lukewarm showing ignited some concerns among others on the staff. “We were like, ‘Wow, that was bad,’ ” Austin Ainge said. So the Celtics made an unusual request: They wanted Smart to return for a second workout. “I’m going to come back better this time than I was last time,” Smart told his agents at Wasserman. “And if they want me to come back a third time, I’m gonna be even better.” In Smart’s second workout, his competitive fire was apparent. He had something to prove. “I was getting to the rim, making shots, playing defense,” he said. “I made my dominance known.” Said Danny Ainge: “Our staff was not on the same page before that. His second workout allowed us to collectively and unanimously be on the same page.”
Jay King: No surprise but Cs don’t sound like they want to use all four of their draft picks. Will look into other options. Austin Ainge: “I don’t think it’s any secret that we have four picks, and it probably wouldn’t be great for us to have four rookies on our team next year. So we are explrong options for guys who would play in the D-League, play in Europe, trades. All of these things are possible with the number of picks we have.”