Austin Day Rumors

With all lines of communication cut off between players and team officials, Daye is left to browse the Internet for updates on his team’s ongoing coaching search (And for the record, Lawrence Frank and Mike Woodson are reportedly neck-and-neck for the job.) “I’m looking at more than I ever have before, looking at all the websites, just to see what’s going to happen,” Daye said. “But whatever Joe Dumars decides, I’m sure it’s going to be a good decision.” Daye — who, as I mentioned a while back via Twitter, is in the process of finding a new agent — wasn’t the only one eager to talk about how his team might look once the games begin again. In between games at the Drew League in South Central L.A., a number of players who would normally be chatting with their bosses about the offseason action dished on their respective teams and other NBA goings-on.