Australia Rumors

“One of his close mates bought him down for a game to just fill in, no one in the stadium knew it was him until about five minutes into the game and then about 60 people rocked up to watch him play. It was crazy,” witness Mitchell Hamilton told the Herald Sun. “He didn’t try until the last quarter and then scored like 15 in a row and dunked on two blokes. “I’ve never seen anything like it. “Imagine rocking up to a game and seeing an NBA player on the other end.”
Ingles was particular proud of the announcement and his involvement. “This is massive for Australian basketball and an exciting opportunity for NBA and NBL players to compete together on the same floor. As an Aussie who began my career in the NBL and now entering my fourth season with Utah, I am very proud of the growth of the game in my home country and can’t wait for the Jazz and Salt Lake City to play host to Sydney this fall.” he explained.