Barclays Center Rumors

Prigioni, the former Argentinian national team point guard and 2008 bronze medalist, was at Brooklyn’s shootaround Thursday morning at Barclays Center. The 40-year-old was first spotted at Nets shootaround on February 9 and has attended all of Brooklyn’s three home games since. Prigioni is visiting and learning about all phases of basketball operations, from coaching to management, while in town with the Nets.
Despite a league-low payroll, the Nets lost $44.3 million last year, according to confidential league documents obtained by ESPN’s Zach Lowe. That’s the league’s second biggest loss, behind only the Pistons who lost $45.1 million. The Pistons’ losses were actually much greater. The Nets did not receive revenue-sharing money from the league and their profits from Barclays Center are not included in the analysis. The Pistons, on the other hand, lost $63.2 million before collecting revenue sharing last season, “the largest loss by a wide margin,” Lowe notes. Detroit doesn’t own its own arena, unlike the Nets.
However, of the nine, only the Nets and Raptors have opened their doors with the others scheduled to greet players anywhere between this fall and fall of 2018. That means only the two already opened can be used to sell free agents this summer. And it’s not just players who will find the facilities attractive. SBJ says they’re becoming important in recruiting coaching and other staff. (As a member of the Spurs front office, Sean Marks got a preview of HSS early last season.) “It’s a first-class addition to what we already do here in Brooklyn,” Brett Yormark told SBJ. “It’s one train stop from Barclays Center and 15 to 20 minutes by car. Most importantly, it’s a great recruiting chip.”