Barclays Center Rumors

The Brooklyn Nets and YES Network have announced an agreement to extend media rights between the team and the TV network, each announced today. “YES’ extensive, Emmy Award-winning multi-media coverage of the Nets has played a key role as the franchise has built its Brooklyn brand, and we are pleased to extend our relationship with this long-term deal,” President & CEO of YES Network Tracy Dolgin said in a prepared statement. “We are happy that our agreement with the YES Network extends our relationship with the nation’s number one regional sports network,” Brett Yormark, CEO of the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center, also said in a prepared statement. “The increased commitment from YES positions us as a premium NBA team.”
The Russian oligarch confirmed he is talks to “buy out” Bruce Ratner in both the team and Barclays Center. He didn’t put a number on the valuation of either property or identify a potential buyer of the minority stake. Forbes has put the valuation of the Nets alone at $1.5 billion. Here’s what he told TASS… “I’m not planning to sell the Brooklyn Nets. The situation is that we’re in discussion with our partners at Forest City, who own 20% of the club and 55% of the arena, to buy them out. This has two components. One is that we’re restructuring their debt by increasing our share and, second, we want to create conditions by which we can sell a minority stake at some point in the future to realize some gains from the team’s capitalization. These two aspects are important. Plus, the NBA prefers that the ownership structure of the arena and the team be the same, so we’re following that logic.”
The Brooklyn Nets will host Fenerbahce Ulker Istanbul of the Turkish Basketball League for a preseason game on October 5, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at Barclays Center, General Manager Billy King announced today. “We are excited to be hosting Fenerbahce, as it will be a reunion for Bojan Bogdanovic with his former team,” said King. “Our fans will have an opportunity to see one of the best coached teams in all of Europe when they come to Brooklyn.”
Ric Bucher in his report on how Mikhail Prokhorov wants to go “all in” on the Nets and Barclays Center, suggested that there could a resolution on the matter in two weeks. He could be right. In a filing last week, Forest Center Enterprises, Bruce Ratner’s parent company, disclosed that the company has an August 12 deadline to either repay his debts to the “MP Entities,” that is ONEXIM, or Ratner’s “ownership interests in the Nets will be diluted from 20% to approximately 8%.” That would mean Prokhorov would own 92 percent of the team. We are told, however, that FCE will pay the tens of millions it owes to Prokhorov and retain the 20 percent interest. What is owed is less than the value of what would be lost. We are told as well that negotiations for the buyout of the entire Ratner stake in the team –and possibly the arena– are either underway or will be very soon.

Mikhail Prokhorov wants to buy out Bruce Ratner stake in Nets, Barclays

Ric Bucher, reporting for Bleacher Report, said Tuesday night that the Nets principal owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of 80 percent of the Nets and 45 percent of Barclays Center. wants to go “all-in” and buy out stakes in both from Bruce Ratner. Bucher said an announcement could come on the plan within two weeks. NetsDaily has been told there may soon be negotiations between the two sides on such a possible sale. Ratner, who was principal owner from 2004 through Prokhorov’s purchase of the team in 2010, has been trying to sell his stakes in both properties, but has thus far failed. NetsDaily has reached out to both sides for comment.
Bucher in a video report, stated… I’m hearing that Prokhorov … There’s been a lot of talk about him selling the franchise … and now the latest is that in the next two weeks we could hear an announcement that he’s actually buying 100 percent of the franchise, buying the Barclays Center, going all in. Sources who told me this also told me there is still the possibility that he gets completely out if he has that opportunity, but the indications are much more strong that he would go the other way and buy all the way in.
Bucher also said the Nets have taken Johnson off the market and that would suggest that Prokhorov is all in because he wants a competitive team but one that is more financially responsible than the one that they had. So by getting rid of Deron Williams and a couple of other moves they get below the tax threshold but at the same time you still have Joe Johnson, you’re still competitive, you still have a chance to compete for a playoff spot.