Baskonia Rumors

The Argentinian big guy is currently in Vitoria, Spain along with other Baskonia legends (Elmer Bennett) to participate in a celebration that will commemorate the squad that won the 2002 Spanish double (League & Cup title) during Sunday’s (7/5) Liga Endesa game against Unicaja Malaga. When asked by local journalists if he considers re-joining Baskonia, he answered, “My circle in Baskonia is closed. I’ve already done what I had to do. Returning would be opening another circle that can work out fine or go wrong.”
Storyline: Luis Scola Free Agency
Tornike Shengelia who played in the past for the Brooklyn Nets before returning to Europe for Baskonia will be a free agent this summer and he wants to cross the Atlantic again: “My goal is to try to return to the NBA. If I stay in Europe it will be in a team that can win trophies and everyone knows that Baskonia is one of them”.