Bernie Lee Rumors

As Sheldon Jack Bowen shared in a personal Facebook post (the details of which Butler’s agent, Bernie Lee, confirmed to USA TODAY Sports), he added Butler’s number to a fantasy basketball group chat as a practical joke of sorts. So game after game, week after week, Bowen and his friends surely wondered if and when Butler might chime in to discuss the latest fantasy action. Truth be told, it was the kind of creative prank that Butler could appreciate.
At the end of the NBA’s regular season, Bowen sent Butler a message on Twitter joking that he owed him a $20 league-entry fee. “@JimmyButler hey when you gave your number on sportscenter, I signed you up for my fantasy basketball league and you lost. You owe 20 dollars if you can pay that would be great. Let me know bruh”
After seeing the tweet, Butler coordinated with Lee to do much more than that. They sent the $20 along with a pair of signed, game-worn Jordan sneakers and a Butler jersey, with the prizes intended for this season’s fantasy league champion. “Pretty cool to see a athlete and agent generosity first hand,” Bowen wrote in his post that included a picture of the gifts. “Thank you Jimmy and Bernard Lee. You are beyond generous.”
Bernie Lee: When we are preparing for an interview with a team, I’ve always personally found it cliché to overcoach. Instead, what I will do is make sure the player knows the names of every person they are going to meet from teams and what their backgrounds are. I got this idea from having a client on the Dallas Mavericks some years ago. The Mavs were one of the first teams to hire a full-time sports psychologist (Don Kalkstein). On game days, they would give players brief pop quizzes and I noticed one of the questions my client got every time was about the names of the refs that night. It’s something that really made sense to me. One thing that NBA referees hate is when players attempt to address them during a game and they begin the conversation with “Hey, ref” – especially young players. This simple thing of making sure you know the refs’ name totally changes the tone of every interaction. I took this premise and have attempted to apply it to meetings.