Bill Simmons Rumors

Bill Simmons’s new HBO show, “Any Given Wednesday,” has struggled to gain much of a foothold in its first season. The criticisms of it are varied: The format stinks; viewers have tired of his hackneyed Boston fanboy-isms; his style is better suited for print or podcast; what’s with all the Michael Rapaport?; he just isn’t very good on TV. Whatever the reason, the show has not been a success in the ratings department, and on Wednesday night far fewer people tuned in than ever before.
Bill Simmons new HBO show, “Any Given Wednesday,” is off to bad reviews and even worse ratings after five episodes. The show bottomed out last week, as a paltry 163,000 people viewed the 30-minute infomercial for fellow HBO programs, “Vice Principals” and “The Night Of.” To put that number in perspective, HBO’s two headliners, Bill Maher and John Oliver, both currently average over four million viewers per episode. It’s safe to say HBO expected a bigger audience when they handed Simmons a three-year, $20 million deal last summer.