Bill Simmons Rumors

What stands out the most from your time at Grantland? Most of us here, and elsewhere, loved the site and admired the hard work you guys did. Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to more content from you Jonathan Abrams: It felt like a family. That’s the environment that Bill fostered and created. There’s been a lot of stuff out there about how great of a boss he is and those stories are all true. One thing he talked to me about when he pitched me on Grantland was there’s likely only a couple times in life when you are able to be part of something special. I was really happy at the New York Times and it was an incredible place to work at, but that was probably the line that convinced me to join and to this day, I’m happy I did.
Bill Simmons will likely always have his aim set firmly on his old employers at ESPN, but until Thursday we didn’t know how bad the potential battle could get. On “The Bill Simmons Podcast” Simmons’ friend Joe House said it would have been great to have ESPN’s Brian Windhorst on the show to talk about the turmoil currently swirling around the Cleveland Cavaliers. That prompted Simmons to reveal that Windhorst can’t come on the show because ESPN has blocked all of its employees from doing the show. I’m glad you mentioned that. You know why I can’t have Brian Windhorst on? Because ESPN won’t let anyone from ESPN come on my podcast, which is fine, but it’s just laying down the ground rules for what is going to unfold over the next few years. It could have been friendly and it’s not going to be friendly.
Bill Simmons is bringing out the big guns at HBO. The sports and media personality has started filling out the creative team for his upcoming program at the pay cable network, and it includes several impressive Daily Show alums. HBO and Simmons on Thursday announced that The Daily Show’s Stuart Miller will serve as executive producer on the forthcoming talk show, set to bow later this year, while fellow Daily Show alum Jason Ross will serve as head writer and TV vet and essayist Kim Gamble will serve as co-executive producer.