Bill Wennington Rumors

Those who know Jackson well weren’t surprised he took on this challenge. “Everything Phil does is very well thought out,” said Bill Wennington, who played for Jackson and now is a Bulls broadcaster. “As a matter of fact, everything he says is well thought out. His off-the-cuff stuff is used to make a point. He puts a lot of time and effort into everything he says. “Coaching is really management. You’re managing egos and trying to put players in positions to succeed. He had to organize his staffs. I think he has a great eye and feel for talent. I think his management skills will be good and he’ll do well. Is the whole situation in New York, business-wise, going to be palatable with an owner who likes to have a say? It will be a nice challenge. But he loves basketball so I’m not surprised. I’m only surprised it took this long.”