Billy King Rumors

The salaries of Johnson ($24.8 million) and Jack ($6.3 million) come off the books this summer, giving King a chance to chase a premium free agent with the advantage of selling the New York market. “We took our shot and it didn’t work,” he said. “And now to see some of these guys develop and to get it back and for us to have the cap space [next summer], we can do it pretty quickly. We want to win but we knew we may take a step back when some of the decisions were made. But what I like is we’ve put ourselves in the position to beat a Golden State, we just didn’t make the right plays. That’s just learning how to win. We’re talking the steps.”
In answering the question on his level of confidence in Billy King, the Nets owner said he was “very glad” to be working with the Nets often criticized GM. Prokhorov started off by noting, “I bet Billy will be listening to the answer to this” then added… “Joking aside, I am very glad to be working with Billy. He has managed to pull off a lot of unexpected deals in line with the guidance that ownership has given him. I think we had an excellent off-season this year and I do believe that it will bring success this season.”