Billy King Rumors

The Nets may come out of Draft Night the same way they went it, with the 29th and 41st picks, Billy King told beat writers Monday. He said he’s not optimistic about his chances of getting a higher pick … although he did hold out some hope. “Do I think we can move up? I don’t think so, but you still have to go through the process and find out,” King said. “A lot of our conversations, the price to move up is high but it tends to go down when you get closer to the draft.”
King said the decision to let assistant general manager Bobby Marks go came after it was decided during organizational meetings in Moscow the Nets could “streamline things” inside their front office. “You had two assistant GMs, and when we looked at it overall, could some of the responsibilities be shared throughout the department … that’s why the decision was made,” King said, referring in addition to assistant GM Frank Zanin.
The big blockbusters have not done much for the Nets. So now General Manager Billy King is looking to improve from within. Just don’t rule out another trade. Keeping Brook Lopez is the priority, while moving Deron Williams and Joe Johnson could be options if King decides to break up the Nets’ core. “Joe may have summed it up best,” King said Wednesday. “It may be the group, just together — maybe it’s time to maybe split it up, or maybe add to it to help them. So we’ll look to add to complement them, to make them better. Or do you look to maybe move a piece to add some other pieces to it?”
King also expressed a desire to bring back Alan Anderson, whom he called “Mr. Reliable,” and said the team will extend a qualifying offer to Mirza Teletovic to make him a restricted free agent. But with limited ways to improve this summer and another full year remaining until the Nets have the salary cap space to make significant changes, King has his work cut out for him. “It’s really incumbent on us, when you don’t have those picks, to be creative and come up with other ways to do it,” King said. “That’s a challenge, but it’s doable.”