Bob Myers Rumors

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr and general manager Bob Myers get reports on how Damian Jones is doing after every Santa Cruz game. Kerr said he also texts with Jones regularly and talks to Santa Cruz head coach Aaron Miles and Warriors two-way development coach Luke Loucks about Jones’ development. Kerr also believes it’s best for Jones to be in Santa Cruz right now. “It’s great for him. He needs to play. He wouldn’t be playing up here. Things are going well for him,” Kerr said.
Bob Myers: One time, when we had Mark Jackson as a coach, after a game we lost, I went to him and ask him why did he run a play… I think Curry was having a great game, and he run a play for Carl Landry to take the shot to win the game. It was a good play, it was a good shot. Carl could have made that shot. And I went to Mark and said ‘Did you think about Curry?’ and he looked at me and he said, you can tell he was containing himself, ‘It was a good play, it was a good play’. And I looked at him and I thought ‘I will never do that again’.
Bob Myers: When we lost Game 7 in the Finals, I sat across room with players in the exit interviews. And I got to sit there, like you and I now, there’s nobody here, and I said ‘what do you think of the season? Say whatever you want.’ I kept waiting on someone to say ‘Yeah, you know, Draymond has been suspended. What the hell is going on with that guy?’ or ‘you know, Steph… he should have made a couple of shots.’ I kept waiting for someone to say something, to blame someone. And I was so proud in that moment that no one did.
Bob Myers: Steph Curry. He’s an example of ‘it’s us, it’s not me’. Some people ask me ‘is he really this good a guy.’ If he was something different than who he is, do you think he shows up and sits down across from Kevin Durant? If he’s this hidden egomaniac or a guy who wants the spotlight, or a guy who wants to own success for him, do you think he flies and looks at a guy, a peer, who’s a superstar on his own right and ask him ‘would you come play with us? I would love for you to come play with us.’
Bob Myers: When I asked (Steph) ‘Kevin (Durant) wants to meet with us, what do you think?’ And that conversation has to be had sitting right next to that person, looking at you. That is not a text message, it’s not an email, that’s not with ten people in the room. So that’s body language, that’s body contact, that’s everything. So when I said that, and I saw him look at me, and gave no hint of questioning or tribulation or anything, I knew then that whatever came along, it would be fine.
One question from Woj: “What do you have no tolerance for? Is there something that you’ve just said, ‘I will not allow that.'” Myers’ response: “There’s a couple things I don’t like. I don’t like arrogance and I don’t like selfish — people that think they’re more than the whole team. One thing I’ve heard about San Antonio — that I think is true — they tell their players, or anybody that works there, that you have to get over yourself. And I think that’s great. It’s not about one person. And when it ever does become about one person, I think that everyone suffers.