Bob Myers Rumors

Before the Lakers fired Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss on Tuesday, the franchise had already moved away from trying to pursue the Golden State Warriors’ Bob Myers, the franchise’s original top target for general manager, league sources told The Vertical. After Myers signed a recent contract extension, it became clear to Lakers brass that it would be unable to lure Myers, league sources said.
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Tell me every trade you currently have in the works. Bob Myers: “Look, there’s the stock answers that we will be active, we will be aggressive. But we’re also smart enough to know what we have. We don’t want to disrupt what we have. Doesn’t mean we won’t answer the phone, doesn’t mean we won’t explore possibilities. But reality is, we like who we have and, even if we didn’t, our options are somewhat limited. Utah has our first (rounder) this year from the Iguodala transaction back in 2013. So we’ll see what happens. If we end up not doing anything, that would be a fine outcome as well.”
Do you feel like you might need to free a roster spot for buyout season? Bob Myers: “Well, Briante is on his second 10-day and it’s really a 12-day because (it has to last three games). That’ll give us more time to evaluate him push it past the deadline. So we’ll see who was or was not traded and who might or might not be a candidate for a buyout. The buyout market is always fluid. It’s unpredictable. Often times you hear a player’s name and that doesn’t come to fruition or conversely, you’ll not have thought of a possibility and that pops up. So technically, having let (Anderson) Varejao go, we have a spot. (Briante) Weber currently has it. We can be flexible. So we’ll see what happens. It’s kind of hard to speculate on the buyout market because it’s somewhat unpredictable.”
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Would you like to be in the upcoming draft (currently don’t have a pick)? Bob Myers: “I’d sure love to, I just don’t know that there’s many routes to (get in). This is our final credit card debt on the Iguodala trade. At least as far as firsts go, we’re good going forward from (2018) on. Everybody wants to be in the draft. Everybody wants to be in every draft. Unfortunately we can’t. If there was a way to do it without disrupting our roster, it’d be something we’d pursue. I just don’t see a lot of variables or possibilities to get a pick in this draft. It’s a very good draft and these picks, even more so now, are highly coveted and held onto. These picks aren’t easily attained.”
(Larry) Harris said on the radio he doesn’t expect you to “initiate” any calls. Do you expect to call people? Bob Myers: “We’ll initiate calls just as far as information gathering. But I think the genesis of what he is saying is we won’t be kind of pounding the phones. You initiate calls just to stay engaged. And you receive calls. I have a lot of friends who are general managers. You check in. Information is never bad. It’s my job, it’s our job in the organization, to canvass the league and get information. But I don’t think we’re viewed across the league as a great partner right now to explore trades with, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have conversations.”