Bob Myers Rumors

“Clearly a 3-pointer or a layup is better analytically,” Myers said. “But not if there’s a hand in your face or you’re falling out of bounds or you’re going against a 7-foot guy at the rim.” Which makes the mid-range shot the flip phone of the NBA. It’s out of style, a relic from another era, and it’s undeniable there are better options available. But it can still get the job done. “The idea is to score more points than the other team,” said Golden State assistant coach Ron Adams. “You’re going to do that in a variety of ways.”
Warriors general manager Bob Myers addressed the team at shootaround prior to film study. It’s something he does every dozen games or so, but the topic is usually about travel itineraries and team events. Rarely is it a serious issue or with a serious tone. But his objective on this day was to share his concern about the team’s growing number of technical fouls. This season, collectively, the defending champions have demonstrated a lack of self-restraint.
1 month ago via ESPN
Storyline: Officiating Complaints