Bobby Hurley Rumors

Besides the on-court rivalry, Rose said in the film he felt Duke didn’t recruit black players like him, only those who were “Uncle Toms.” Patrick pointed out that Duke did recruit Chris Webber. “We would’ve welcomed him with open arms,” Hurley said. “Jalen, on the other hand, I can understand why we didn’t recruit him. He might have a tough time hitting the floor, because he wasn’t taking my spot.”
Jalen Rose &. Co. admitted how much they despised the Blue Devils teams of the early 1990s in their documentary, “The Fab Five,” that debuted Sunday night on ESPN. “I noticed there was a high level of bitterness there, particularly directed towards us,” former Duke guard Bobby Hurley said on Dan Patrick’s show today. “I wonder why? We were 3-0 against Michigan, so I can understand Jalen’s frustrations.”