Bosnia Rumors

Petrovic, Drazen Petrovic’s brother, said some of his star’s problem was to due to his experience in the NBA, “14 months not playing and frustration,” meaning his limited use by the Nets. Petrovic did say the dispute was not irredeemable, but in his most biting comment said, “Mirza must understand that there is no player in the world, including Drazen Petrovic , who played without teammates” The accusations required Teletovic to issue a statement in which he promised “I will do even more in order to fulfill all the ideas selector have, because our goal is all the same, and it’s a better result at the European Championships in Slovenia.” The dispute was laid out on Twitter by Bosnian blogger, Ademir Avdic.
Aco Petrovic, coach of the Bosnian national team (and Drazen’s brother, told reporters this week that even though Mirza Teletovic didn’t get many minutes for the Nets, he has no excuses in the FIBA Eurobasket championships this September. “Neither I, nor Mirza, are looking for excuses because he did not play enough last season in the NBA,” said Petrovic. “Mirza will have 35 days of preparation, the maximum allowed by the NBA.” Between “friendly” or exhibition games and tournament games, teams can play as many as 19 games between late July and late September, finishing up days before NBA teams begin their training camps.