Bouna Ndiaye Rumors

NBA teams interested in Mejri will have to compete with Euro teams for his services, though. Agent Bouna Ndiaye told HoopsHype they will test the Spanish and European market first – with Real Madrid reportedly in the lead now – and will only look at NBA options second. “I would be happy playing here with a Euroleague or Eurocup team too,” Mejri said. “But the NBA… That would be a dream.”
The Portland Trail Blazers have asked Nicolas Batum’s agent, Bouna Ndiaye, to make sure Batum is in town to take a physical in the coming days, indicating that the team will match Minnesota’s offer sheet of four-years, $46.5 million. At the current moment, Ndiaye says he doesn’t know if the Trail Blazers plan to utilize the full three day window before they match.
“His mind is not there in Portland. Out of that meeting with the Blazers (on Thursday), we hoped they would allow him to live his dream. The best case scenario is a sign-and-trade and we understand that. Hopefully, Paul Allen would never stand in the way of his dream to play for the Timberwolves,” is what Nicolas Batum’s agent, Bouna Ndiaye, told Saturday evening.
It appears Olshey has stepped into a bit of a mess. However, he’s confident that at the end of the day, Batum will be a Trail Blazer and he’s not going to allow anyone to deter them from their strategic plan. “Nicolas is going to be here and we’ll get something done, but it’s got to be done sequentially to make sure we maximize our flexibility in free agency,” Olshey said.
“Bouna is an aggressive agent. He’s got a client he cares deeply about and they’ve had a relationship for a really long time,” Olshey said. “His job is to be an advocate for his client. But I think Bouna understands that I inherited Nicolas. It’s not like negotiations with me broke down months ago. I got here three weeks ago, he knows he’s (Batum) a priority. “But I think he (Ndiaye) also needs to understand that we have a free agent strategy that’s depended on how we handle things with Nicolas, could impact the balance of the roster. And we got to have the flexibility to handle that.”
Now, in an attempt to maintain leverage, Ndiaye has instructed Trail Blazers general manager, Neil Olshey, not to speak with Batum and he hasn’t done so since becoming the team’s general manager. “Out of respect for Bouna, I haven’t spoken to Nicolas because it’s not right,” Olshey told “If he (Ndiaye) gives me permission to talk to him, I will. But, he wants to control the process and I understand that.” Former acting general manager, Chad Buchanan, was the one handling Batum’s deal during the season and now Olshey has to step right in the middle of an intense and delicate situation.