Brad Stevens Rumors

Gordon Hayward on Brad Stevens, his former college coach: “Brad’s whole career has basically taken situations where it’s like, ‘He’s not going to do that well because of this or that,’ and then he somehow finds a way to do way better than people expected. This is just another one of those scenarios. He’s just a master at putting guys in the right positions. Like, if somebody’s not good at coming off pick-and-rolls, don’t have them come off pick-and-rolls. That sounds simple, but he’s really good at it. If we have somebody that’s a really good cutter, put him in a play where they cut to the rim, and they’re not going to be able to guard that.”
Added Stevens: “I think one of our challenges this summer was everybody wanted to talk about the mid-range plays he made in summer league. So it was one of those things where — if I was involved in a film session at all this summer, it was about what a good shot looks like when you get to the NBA. And so we tried to have those very specific film sessions, but still you can’t predict a guy is gonna become that proficient. He still can play in the midrange. We still want him to take good midrange shots. But we have tried to make it an emphasis to not hesitate to shoot. He’s so tall that on the catch he can get that shot off and his inclination has probably always been to fake it and drive it. But he shoots it with ease and feels good every time he shoots it.”