Brad Stevens Rumors

It took Brad Stevens far longer than normal to emerge from his coaches’ office and address the media Tuesday night in Atlanta. The reason for his delay was rooted far deeper than only Tuesday’s 121-97 drubbing at the hands of the Hawks. “We had this coming,“ he said, still simmering a good 20 minutes after the conclusion of the game. “We haven’t played well in a few days now, even when we beat Brooklyn at home and we had a good quarter. “We had this coming.”

Brad Stevens a keeper in Boston

Q: You’ve joked about it before, but are you ready to give him another six-year contract yet? Danny Ainge: [Laughs] Yeah. Q: You have to start thinking about that. Sure, we’re only in Year 3, but you can’t risk letting a good coach get away. Danny Ainge: No, listen, he’s a keeper. He’s great. He’s great to work with. Like I said, I think he’s going to be — if he stays in this game long enough — he’s going to be one of the great coaches.
Danny Ainge: Well, Brad is a great coach. It’s really the same things: He’s really smart, he’s really hard-working. I think this is a really challenging — a different type of challenge for him than he’s had before. Last year we had a lot of changes, doing a lot of things mid-stream. This may be, I think by far, his toughest challenge, just because there are so many players and so many guys that are equal quality. He’s gotta try to figure out who best fits with one another during the season.
Scott Souza: #Celtics forward David Lee still getting used to bench role on C’s, but said he is willing to fill whatever role Brad Stevens prescribes. David Lee: “I am in good enough shape right now to extend my minutes and to be comfortable out there whatever coach needs me to do. Want to take the minutes I get, be super aggressive when I’m out there. Hopefully that will earn me more minutes. Who is playing best is going to get some extra minutes. It’s my job to make it more difficult for coach to take me out.”