Brett Brown Rumors

Brown, who also coached the 2012 Australian Olympic team in London, has known Simmons since he was a baby. He said his relationship with Simmons would only be a positive if the 76ers did choose him with the first pick of the draft. “I think what it does do is, it probably favors more intimate knowledge of who he is,” he told Russillo and Kanell. “I lived in the country for 17 years, I coached his dad for five years. I think it gives you better insight into what makes him kick. I think the Australian culture is something I’m acutely aware of, and I feel like for those reasons just allows us to have better information.”
Brown did, however, rave about Simmons. “He’s got a hint of Magic, and at times you can see a younger LeBron where you are not sure what position he is,” Brown told Fox Sports. “One moment you think he is a 4 (power forward), maybe he is a 3 (small forward), he looks comfortable handling the ball. When you say, ‘What is his identifiable elite NBA skill?’ most people will go immediately to passing. When you take that collection of comments, and you add it into a 6-foot-10 frame, the comparison to those two players could be a little reckless and ambitious, but there is no denying he really does come to the draft with a very unique skill package.”