Brett Brown Rumors

It is hard to catch him off guard, as his coach, Brett Brown of the Philadelphia 76ers, learned one night last summer. He was wooing Redick to the team and, as part of his pitch, he invited him onto the court with Joel Embiid, the team’s talented young center. It turns out Redick had armed himself ahead of the meeting with a mental dossier of plays he had envisioned running with the likes of Embiid. Redick, still wearing a blazer, picked and popped for jump shots, while Brown salivated at the possibilities for the team. “He’s as professional as anybody I’ve ever been around,” Brown said.
Perhaps Brett Brown believes that the only people standing in the 76ers’ quest for a top-four playoff seed are the Sixers. “We [had] a meeting today. Coach was talking about we have to be more of a playoff mind, more ready to play playoff defense,” Dario Saric said after Monday’s shootaround at the team’s practice facility.
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The Sixers have only 14 regular-season games remaining. That begs the question of why bring him back at all? Brown’s answer was because Fultz can make the Sixers better. “This is the Holy Grail, the risk-reward of Markelle Fultz,” Brown said. “I’m tilting on reward. Maybe I’m right. Maybe I’m wrong. But that would be the answer that I give you.”
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