Brett Yormark Rumors

“Our alliance with Infor is a transformative partnership for both business and basketball operations and is indicative of the cutting edge and gritty culture we are building,” said Brett Yormark, CEO of Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment. “The patch on the jersey represents our deep engagement with Infor and the software company’s role in taking our performance to the highest level in basketball operations and the business side. We are looking forward to joining some of the world’s most innovative brands, like Ferrari, for the unique opportunity of instilling Infor’s proven business applications into our company.”
“Fans seem to be very accepting, and not only accepting but are encouraged by the new culture, the grit with which the team plays and the hustle. And it’s leading to increased sales,’’ Brett Yormark, the CEO of Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment, the Nets’ parent company told The Post on Wednesday in Los Angeles. “They see the vision, see where this thing is going, and they’re happy with that direction.”
Yormark also hinted that the Nets could once again travel to China next fall for preseason. On Linsanity, Yormark shied away from the phenomenon that made Lin famous four years ago… “We’re not looking to replicating Linsanity. I think what you have to do based on his arrival in Brooklyn, let whatever’s going to happen, happen organically. We’ll let the fans dictate that. Jeremy came here because he’s going to be a starter for the Brooklyn Nets. He’s focused on helping us create a new culture and the next chapter in the Brooklyn Nets history. And I think that’s what we’re focused on. We’re not necessarily focused on Linsanity or anything like that.”
“The benefit of that basketball decision is there are some business opportunities,” Yormark told The Post. “Those business opportunities are hopefully an expanded fan base in Brooklyn and beyond, and a driver of merchandise sales. That’s certain. He was a top-20 seller last year in jersey sales, and given the interest Jeremy generates in China and that part of the world, our games will be televised there.