Bryan Colangelo Rumors

Colangelo hasn’t ruled out Embiid playing summer league ball in July, which would be 11 months after his second straight season-ending right foot surgery. “It’s an evolving process,” Colangelo said. “We hope to get to the point where we get him healthy, ready and prepared to play basketball. At some point, people will be very happy to see him in a uniform. I do not want to try to speed that up. I can tell you he’s been handled the right way, based on what I can tell. It seems like he’s moving in the right direction every day. The good news is he’s in Philadelphia and we can have daily contact. He’s got a very regimented, planned-out schedule.”
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As for Saric, there are reports that he and his father prefer that he joins the Sixers this summer. A European basketball insider, citing a source, said Sunday that Saric “told his teammates he intends to leave Europe for Sixers this offseason.” Saric has a buyout clause in his three-year contract with Anadolu Efes in Turkey that he could exercise after his season ends there in May. “I don’t think it’s appropriate to speculate and fuel more media reports,” Colangelo said. “I don’t know what to make of it other than our conversations with Dario and his agents.”
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It’s something which Joshua Harris tried to fight against early last week, to little success, attempting to convince fans that Colangelo the Elder wasn’t involved in getting Colangelo the Younger a job within the organization he was chairman of, optics that Bryan Colangelo admitted on Breakfast on Broad almost caused him to turn down the opportunity. “I actually even said ‘This probably isn’t right for me’ initially,” Colangelo told Breakfast on Broad. “I almost removed myself from the process, to be honest. Once [Jerry] was out of the picture, then we moved forward on a clean basis and it felt good, I convinced myself that this was the right position because I was so excited about what this opportunity looked like.”
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