Bryan Colangelo Rumors

Colangelo said he’s already passed on opportunities to speed the rebuilding process up. “There’s things that we could have raced out and done in free agency this year that we chose not to do. As the guy steering the ship so to speak, a lot of that was me trying to hold back some of what might have been a misuse of funds at this time,” Colangelo said. “Regardless of what happens this year, whether we win a few more games or a lot more games than the 10 they won last year, I’m going to stay within the framework of the plan that we’ve laid out,” Colangelo continued.
On a podcast with Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports’ The Vertical, Bryan Colangelo finally confirmed what everyone had (correctly) assumed: Colangelo would have had final say. In fact, owernship’s initial reluctance to give Colangelo final say led to him turning down their first offer. “The first time that I met with David Blitzer and Josh Harris I basically told them I’m not the guy for this job,” Colangelo told Wojnarowski. “But a good month and a half passed and they called me back and said ‘We want to revisit, would you be interested?’ This time I said sure, I’ll listen, but I’m not sure things have changed. But their approach changed, and obviously that approach was something where I wouldn’t be coming in to work underneath Sam [Hinkie]. I was going to be coming in to be the lead in terms of basketball operations.”
Storyline: Sixers Front Office