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J.R. Smith turned LeBron James’ cryptic “Mood” Arthur meme Instagram post into a business opportunity. James’ post was a whole big deal that resulted in his Cavs teammates, including Smith, sharing their own Arthur photos after a win over the Knicks. The Cavs star even hilariously mentioned Arthur after their win on Wednesday night. So on Thursday, Smith unveiled these dad hats that are now for sale on the Team Swish website for $40 in three different colors.

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Shaquille O’Neal: I would simplify it for them. I would do what one of my friends did to me. I would take a $100 bill and rip it in half. And I’d say “$50, don’t even look at it. Don’t look at it.” Now, this other $50 you can play with. Do whatever you want. But if you’re smart, you’ll rip this $50 up and you save that. And now this $25, do whatever you want. You want a house, 10,000 square feet? Do it. You want cars? Do it, but keep it right here. If my son makes it to the NBA, that’s exactly what I’m gonna tell him.
Clarkson partnered with the luxury fashion brand for their F is for Fendi campaign during a bit of a strange offseason. It was an offseason during which the business side of his chosen profession crystallized for him. Clarkson still has his fun, but because of that he’s approached the season differently than he had in past seasons. It’s showing in his play, where his coaches are seeing a new focus on defense and his scoring is among the best in the NBA coming off the bench. “You don’t really understand that until you’ve been around for a while you see guys get traded,” Clarkson said. “People that are close to you. Shoot. My last three years I walked into a locker room and seen all new faces. It’s not nothing new for me. Now it’s just part of the business. Come in, put on this jersey, play for your teammates and try to get wins.”