Business Rumors

The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced today that NBA Global Games China 2017 presented by Master Kong will feature two preseason games in China between the Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves. The Warriors and Timberwolves will play Oct. 5 in Shenzhen at the Shenzhen Universiade Center, followed by a rematch in Shanghai at the Mercedes-Benz Arena on Oct. 8.
You don’t have to confirm or deny any of this, but I’ve heard rumors about you looking on the West Side for an arena, [or] you’re maybe gonna be involved with the [Stan] Kroenke thing in Inglewood. What is the ideal size of an NBA arena for you if you were building one from scratch? Did you study the Sacramento one? Have you looked at that? Because I think that’s the best one anyone’s built so far. Ballmer: There’s multiple ways to think about an arena.
What’s the best idea that you’ve heard in [the NBA’s owner meetings] that the league couldn’t actually do? Steve Ballmer: There’s an idea that I’m very excited about which we will do with the Clippers. And yet it will be hard for us to realize its full potential without the league picking it up. I am excited about what you can do with software over the internet to transform the experience for a fan who is not in the arena. Whether they are on their phone [or] they’re in their home, can you, through software-based techniques, change it so that you see the game from Chris Paul’s perspective? Instead of a center-court camera; I want to see the game the way Chris Paul sees the game. Software can actually let that happen.
Who was the mastermind behind sending all those potatoes to NBA players? It’s exactly who our Luke Kerr-Dineen guessed when he wrote about Nowitzki’s potato: Riad Bekhit, the self-proclaimed owner and “Chief Potato Officer” at Potato Parcel. It’s the company that sends spuds to people with personalized messages on them, which landed them an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, where Kevin O’Leary threw some money their way. Bekhit spoke with For The Win on Friday afternoon to reveal just how the Great NBA Potato Plan came together perfectly: How did this all come about? I’m a fan of the NBA. There’s a lot going on with injuries, Dirk scoring 30,000 points — I wanted to congratulate him — and the playoffs are coming soon.
How did you come up with 150 pictures and messages? The process was about a week and a half. We created big spreadsheets. I’m a big NBA fan, so I watch basketball all the time. Coming up with creative ways to reach them wasn’t that hard. So was it ironic that Nowitzki – who plays for the Mavericks, owned by fellow Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban – was the first to respond? Very much so. The company was actually founded in Dallas and we’re in San Francisco now.