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But in an interview with CNN Money, he said it wasn’t gambling — which he was reported to have lost a lot of money on — as much as bad real estate deals backed by his personal collateral. From CNN: The economic chaos caused the implosion of Walker Ventures, his Chicago real estate firm. “We got caught in the recession. We had a ton of undeveloped real estate. It went bad. The banks wanted their money back,” he said. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Walker had unwisely put up his personal financial portfolio as collateral. He ended up being forced to pay back about $20 million to banks.
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Copeland was in the Bay Area this week taking part in a short externship with Facebook. He is developing his own app ideas and has been working with Facebook engineers, a project that was set up by NBA senior director of player development Kate Skidmore. “Just walking around campus and seeing how Facebook is run, it was seriously an honor to be there,” Copeland told Yahoo Sports on Thursday night in his first interview since the April 8 incident in New York. “Facebook is one of the top businesses, companies, apps in existence. For me to be a part of their culture, even for a little while, and really learn from the people there is priceless for me.”
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Copeland said he was inspired by the teamwork and camaraderie that he witnessed at Facebook. “Apps are something that I’m doing on the side, quietly,” Copeland said. “I’m into a lot of things, whether it is real estate and transportation, where I have something brewing on the side as well. Just to go in there and see a well-run machine was big for me. I always work out and do my workouts first. I know what my job is; it’s to play basketball. But after that, it’s OK to branch out into other things and I’m trying to do that. I have major goals, and to do that you have to put in the time.”
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But even in an era in which quarter-century old arenas are routinely shuttered and demolished in favor of newer, fancier digs, Jazz officials say their preference as they weigh their options is to stay put at EnergySolutions Arena. “The bones of this building are really strong,” new Miller Sports and Entertainment president Steve Starks says. “We’ve had others come look at it and say it’s in great shape. It’s timeless in a lot of ways. … Hopefully this is an arena that’s world-class for the next 20-30 years.”
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