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The video’s puppet — named “Little Mamba” — pays tribute to the Sesame Street formula that Bryant believes is timeless, and Paul Dukas’ The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is featured in part because Bryant loved its role in Disney’s 1940 animated concert film “Fantasia.” The train sequence is an homage to German-born Lotte Reiniger, a pioneer of silhouette animation, and the Western song playing in the background is a nod to “Fists of Fury,” starring Bruce Lee. “These are things that I grew up listening to and watching and digesting,” Bryant says, “so it’s only right that I regurgitate them through my art.”
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Kyrie Irving’s latest low price signature model is paying off for Nike. While discussing goals and results for the Swoosh on its Q3 2017 earnings call, Nike Brand President Trevor Edwards crowned Irving as the current king of basketball footwear. “The Kyrie 3 launched in December and now is the top-selling performance basketball shoe in the marketplace,” Edwards said.​
Those optimistic that their replacements, Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson, can do better aren’t alone. The former went on “The Vertical Podcast with Woj” Thursday and explained why he feels as though the Lakers should be an appealing destination for prospective free agents. “This analytic was compelling,” Pelinka said. “More Lakers jerseys have been sold in the world than all other 29 teams combined. Listen, if I’m a player and I’m thinking about my future, and I’m thinking about the megawatt power of the Lakers’ brand, all the powder keg of relationships you can form in LA, with entertainment moguls, the legacy of excellence and championships here that the Buss family is going to continue to provide, Magic Johnson’s vision, hopefully some of my expertise in trades and managing the cap.