Business Rumors

The Knicks have a multi-lingual, multi-skilled and extremely marketable talent, but Porzingis’ agent, Andy Miller, said he is looking more for business partnerships – which will surely develop in time – over simple endorsement opportunities for his client. The overwhelming attention has made it increasingly tougher for Porzingis to find a place to eat without being recognized. Some people assume he’s important when he enters a room simply by his sheer size.
It’s into this potentially enormously profitable vacuum that Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, entered last month when he signed a letter of intent to buy exclusive rights to Chen’s patent license. He has already started negotiating with PhunkeeDuck, the second-best known hoverboard brand after IO Hawk. And he has taken up the mantle of Chen’s lawsuit against Soibatian, with whom he’s traded barbs on social media. After the IO Hawk Twitter account posted a picture of one of the Dallas Mavericks posing with Soibatian and holding a new board, Cuban replied, “I’ll just see you in court. We will let the judge decide. #payme”