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The NBA is undertaking a substantial initiative to open global basketball academies that target the recruitment and development of teenage players to create pathways to higher education and professional basketball, league sources told The Vertical. The NBA’s mission is ambitious: Find the best young athletes on the planet – deliver them high-end training with a focus on fundamentals and education – and ultimately strengthen the league’s pool of potential players.
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LeBron James posted an Instagram of him and Mark Wahlberg in a gym together with a couple interesting hashtags — “Camera Ready” and “By The Way Truly Appreciate The Gift.” When Wahlberg went on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon asked him about the photo. The actor responded by saying that the two of them actually thought up of a “great” movie idea. After talking about the photo for a bit (it was at his house), Wahlberg says, “He and I are talking about doing a movie together.”
Rice hasn’t been able to find a job in years, and he is “almost broke” after living off his basketball assets since he retired in 2004 and making a slew of bad investments, according to the court papers. “A permanent, material, substantial, unanticipated and involuntary change in circumstances [warranted] a downward modification in support,” the filing reads. “The father (Rice) is in dire financial straits … He has attempted to become gainfully employed in various capacities but has been unable to earn a semblance of meaningful income.” The paperwork described how Rice makes money from appearances and signing memorabilia. He has also worked at basketball camps and even has been tutoring well-to-do kids in basketball.