Buyout Rumors

This season in particular, though, contenders such as Cleveland, Oklahoma City, Toronto and even Golden State have yet to make a buyout splash — and they’re all still actively looking. So I’m not sure this qualifies yet as any sort of buyout bonanza. Instinct tells me that we’ve already seen the big rule change in this department; you’ll recall that it wasn’t too long ago that players could be traded and then re-sign with the team that traded them 30 days later. That loophole, fortunately, was closed. But I frankly expected more of a buyout frenzy than we’ve seen because, with the trade deadline being moved up two weeks, buyout season got longer. As the rules currently stand: Any player waived by March 1 becomes playoff-eligible with his next team as long as that player is signed before the last day of the regular season.
The Knicks can also create cap space over the next two summers by stretching Joakim Noah’s contract. Doing so would reduce his cap hit to $7,565,000 over the next five years, beginning in 2018-19 and ending in 2022-23. But that would eat into money that the Knicks could spend on other free agents in the summer of 2020 and beyond. It’s not something the Knicks have seriously considered at this point, per sources.
2 days ago via ESPN
Storyline: Joakim Noah Buyout?