Byron Mullens Rumors

While Shumpert’s injury did not deter the Thunder, it did kill the Knicks’ hopes of sending him to Los Angeles. Clippers coach Doc Rivers really wanted Shumpert, sources say, and Rivers was willing to do a deal that would have sent Darren Collison, Matt Barnes, Byron Mullens and two second-round picks to New York for Shumpert, Felton and Beno Udrih. But Clippers owner Donald Sterling and others within the organization were hesitant to bet on Shumpert after seeing him go down in Wednesday’s game at New Orleans, according to sources.
NBA star Luol Deng has told British Basketball to do more to persuade the country’s best players to commit to Great Britain in order for the team to reach its potential. Deng believes the likes of Ben Gordon and Byron Mullens – NBA players who are eligible for Britain but yet to appear – would take the national team to the next level and is certain both could be persuaded to play if British Basketball (BB) made the effort. ‘I’ve always said, we could be a great team, and could make a lot of noise in Europe,’ he said.
Byron Mullens has maintained he still wants to represent Great Britain despite snubbing the national team in successive years. “Yeah there are definitely plans,” he confirmed. “I was planning on playing over the summer at Eurobasket, but my boy was born. I really wanted to play but I felt I had to be there for his first birthday. Everything just didn’t pan out, I was still a free agent, and hadn’t signed with the Clippers yet, so it didn’t quite work out. However, I really am looking forward to playing in the near future.“