Byron Scott Rumors

“Yeah, I got words for Byron Scott: Shut the hell up and do what you do,” he told TMZ Sports. “Leave me alone. He ain’t doing nothing now.” Ball continued, “Tell him, if he want his name in the news, go do something. You ain’t gotta talk about ball to get your name in the news. “But then again, yes you do, ’cause ain’t nobody talk about Byron Scott doing nothing.”
Storyline: LaVar Ball Quotes
Ball recently laid into Lakers coach Luke Walton … saying he’s “soft” and doesn’t know how to properly coach his son, Lonzo Ball. So, we hit up Byron to see how he would handle the situation if he was in Luke’s shoes. Long story short, Byron says guys like LaVar need to shut their traps and let the coaches coach. “Shut up. Stay put. Stay on the sidelines. We got this.”