Byron Scott Rumors

Sure enough, what happened was, the Lakers called him. Mitch Kupchak left him a voice mail message confirming the report was just an unsubstantiated rumor and the Lakers were “incredibly happy” with their guy. Jim Buss then called and endorsed Scott personally. Upon which Scott just smiled and went back to work. “I know how this league is,” he said of the incident from a couple of weeks ago. “I’m not going to sweat things that are out of my control.”
He did nothing. He didn’t call his bosses to question. He didn’t call the media to complain. He shrugged, stuck the phone in the pocket of his sweatpants, and drove to the gym to work out. “I can’t go around worrying if I’m going to get fired, I’m not going to do that, I’m not going to coach like that,” Scott said in an interview this week. “I just keep doing the best job I can.”