Canada Rumors

Thon Maker has confirmed his desire to represent Australia in international competition, quashing rumours that he may jump ship to Canada. The 19-year-old, who recently declared for the 2016 NBA Draft, was born in what is now South Sudan, before seeking refuge in Australia; spending time in Perth and Sydney. In 2011, Maker moved to the United States for high school — attending three different schools over his time in the US — before moving Canada in 2014, to attend Orangeville Prep’s Athlete Institute.
Storyline: Thon Maker Going Pro?
Raptors guards Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan are All-Stars in the East, and Canadians Andrew Wiggins, Trey Lyles and Dwight Powell will play for the World team in the Rising Stars Challenge. “It’s incredible that a young player in Canada can turn on the TV and he’s got a better than 50% chance that he see will an NBA player from Canada playing,” Nash told USA TODAY Sports. “That’s definitely changed. That was rare when I was in high school and college. Now, it’s expected and commonplace.”
Yet sources say Nash, who turns 42 later this week, is reticent to take on bigger roles in basketball than he already has because of the time that would take him away from his family. In addition to his work with the Warriors, Nash serves as the general manager for Canada’s senior men’s national team, after making his international debut for his country as a player while still in college and ultimately leading Canada to within one win of the medal round at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.