Cedric Ceballos Rumors

Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson told ESPN’s Mike & Mike on Thursday that Curry’s success is largely due to today’s style of play, which isn’t as physical as back in the day. Retired players Stephen Jackson (2006-07 Warriors) and Cedric Ceballos (1993-94 Suns) both have said their former teams could have beaten the Warriors team. The Warriors. At 52-5, Golden State has the best record in NBA history after 57 games. “It’s starting to get a little annoying just because it’s kind of unwarranted from across the board. We have a very competent group, and we have fun when we’re out there on the floor, and it shows, obviously. We enjoy what we do. But for the most part, you don’t hear us talking about, you know, comparing ourselves to other great teams and ‘We could beat this team, we’re better than this team.’ We’re living in the moment,” Curry said on the “Warriors Plus/Minus” podcast by the Bay Area News Group on Friday.