Cedric Ceballos Rumors

Sunday’s face-off between the Orlando Magic and New Orleans Hornets marked the 20th exhibition game to be played in Mexico, the most of any country outside the United States or Canada, and the first such game at the brand new Mexico City Arena. The NBA already has concrete plans to expand its Mexican footprint. “Next year and the year after that there will be regular season games here, which is really huge,” said Cedric Ceballos, a former NBA player turned league ambassador. “Those two years are the big test to see what happens.”
Cedric Ceballos felt like his jersey was grabbing his chest and his mouth was turning dry. He left the game confused about the feeling but re-entered, only to feel it all again and exit wondering if he just was feeling the burn of playing hard. “I was thinking about Hank Gathers,” Ceballos said of the Nov. 27 ABA game. “That’s where he lost his life on the court. I was like, ‘I can’t lose my life at Phoenix College.’ I didn’t think it was my heart. I just thought I was tired. I didn’t have a clue.”
Ceballos, 42, had been playing a game for the Scorpions team that he partially owns on a Sunday afternoon before a sparse crowd. He did know something was amiss and made a Monday doctor’s appointment and called his mother, who recommended he take aspirin. The discomfort never ceased. “I didn’t feel right going to sleep and that’s what saved me,” Ceballos said. “I didn’t go to sleep. Most people play through it, like Armen (Gilliam) did and Pistol Pete (Maravich) and Hank Gathers. They play through that fatigue or whatever is going on. I was maybe a little different from them. Some people go to sleep and never wake up.”