Chicago Rumors

Hector Fernandez from Onda Cero Radio in Spain described Mirotic as his best friend. “Niko is a winner. He has born for competition. He wants to win in every aspect,” Fernandez said. “He is ready for the NBA adventure for sure. Since he was drafted, he’s been interested in Chicago. He knows everything about the team and also about the city and the number of Serbian people who live there.”
The ex-wife of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade on Friday took to the streets to get her side of the story told — literally sitting on the sidewalk outside the Daley Center with a sign. “NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets,” Siohvaughn Funches-Wade’s sign read. She said she was driven to the act after a frustrating several days in court this week, as the post-divorce saga between the one-time high-school sweethearts continues to play out.
“People are just surviving. People are just really trying to get out. “If you look at the world we’re living in today, everything’s just getting faster. You want success faster, you want internet faster, and everything is getting faster, so of course, you being human, you want a lifestyle even faster. “You see people being famous off YouTube; you think you could be that next person, so that creates havoc.”
NBA star Derrick Rose has spoken out about gun crime in his hometown of Chicago and identified poverty as its root cause. Chicago police records recorded 506 murders in 2012 — with estimates that about 80 percent were gang related, while there have been 185 murders on record up until July 3rd this year. “It all starts out from poverty,” Rose, who grew up in the city’s impoverished South Side district of Englewood, told CNN.
Kansas City, Anaheim and Seattle have been mentioned as possible relocation sites, in addition to Chicago, which already has the Bulls, but it is the country’s third-largest media market and could conceivably support two teams. Hornets Coach Monty Williams said before Sunday night’s game in San Antonio that he’d addressed the situation with the team, and that players asked several questions which he answered as best he could.