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Marc Berman: Tony Leng, Zhou Qi’s Chinese agent: “He comes here to train, and obviously we’re looking forward to sign with the Rockets and that’s what he came here for, to be able to play in the NBA and to achieve his childhood dreams, playing in the NBA. Until that contract is signed we cannot say that. He’s just come off a very successful CBA season, got a championship for his club in China. Just wants to get here and train and get better.”
Marbury was invited to represent the Timberwolves as an ambassador when they play the Golden State Warriors in two exhibitions in China next season and also talked about other undisclosed business. Marbury is expected to accept the offer to represent the T-Wolves in China, but the deal has not been finalized. “We spoke about me working with the NBA in different projects, one of them being working as an ambassador for the Timberwolves when they come to China,” Marbury said.
The Chinese Basketball Association’s Beijing Ducks announced Stephon Marbury’s departure on Friday, terminating his two-year contract due to the dispute of Marbury’s role and salary in the next season. The contract included a team option for Marbury as a player or an assistant coach for the 2017-18 season. After several rounds of negotiations, Marbury turned down the assistant coach offer, insisting to play for another season before the team decided to terminate the contract.
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Storyline: Stephon Marbury Free Agency
In the letter, Marbury indicated that he will still play in the CBA for the next season. “I appreciate them allowing me to keep competing and winning in this great league the CBA. I have not decided which team yet…but there is one thing I’m 100% sure of no matter the team I play for the love between me and the club is always there, we will keep working with each other in the future,” wrote Marbury.
7 days ago via ESPN
Near the end of the season, Jimmer scored 73 points in one game and was named the league’s most valuable player. None of it seems to have impressed the NBA, which is something that still rankles Al. He can cite you chapter and verse on a wide variety of statistics that show Jimmer could be a force in the NBA. If anyone would know, it would be Al. A couple teams offered Jimmer 10-day contracts when he returned, but Jimmer was content to stay home with Whitney and their new daughter, Wesley. Mother and daughter are doing fine.
Storyline: Jimmer Fredette Free Agency