China Rumors

So with Tianjin officially eliminated from any playoff contention, Maxiell just wants to go home. And when a guy who’s 6’7″ – 260 lbs wants to go home, you might want to stay away from cheap/dangerous fouls. So when Wu Ke of the Shandong Flaming Bulls ran full court to close-line Maxiell before his shot attempt, the bell rang and the match began – Maxiell (6’7″ – 260 lbs) vs. Wu Ke (6’10” – 220 lbs) – but Wu Ke wanted nothing to do with Maxiell who threw the first punch after nearly getting his head taken off. Maxiell runs towards Wu Ke who sprints to the other end of the court away from Maxiell.
Beasley drew attention with his 63-point performance in the CBA all-star game this past weekend. The 27-year-old added 19 rebounds and 13 assists to post the first triple-double in CBA all-star game history. Even Beasley’s former Heat teammates are starting to take notice. “I think he averages like 55,” Chris Bosh said Tuesday. “It’s incredible. Beas can play, especially in the CBA. He’s probably going to be the second greatest CBA player ever behind (Stephon Marbury).”