China Rumors

Jimmer Fredette now belongs to Yao Ming. On Wednesday, Fredette leaves for China, where he’ll quickly take up a role with the Shanghai Sharks, who are owned by the former Houston Rocket and NBA star. He’ll be in a city of 25 million, the largest city in the world. It’s another chapter in the life of the former BYU star, who has struggled to find a permanent home in the NBA. He will leave for China with his father Al, and the two will get things set up before Fredette’s wife Whitney joins him for what will be a five-month season. “We’re looking at this as an adventure,” Fredette said right before his Jimmerosity Golf Tournament at Sleepy Ridge last Friday. “It wasn’t on our bucket list to go to China, but we’ve never been there. We are excited to live in that part of the world and experience new things.”
But what has been forgotten is the number of NBA players who passed on those Athens Games. Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady, Paul Pierce, and Jason Kidd all elected not to play, leaving Iverson on an island. “That was a very touchy situation for me because when everybody didn’t end up going, me and Tim Duncan went,” Iverson said. “We went to represent our country. That’s no shot at the guys that didn’t go. I totally understand why they didn’t. I totally understand and all of them remain my friends. I still have the utmost respect for all of those guys. But me and Tim went.”