Chris Kramer Rumors

Like any good point guard, Chris Kramer is considering his options. Released this week from the Milwaukee Bucks’ training camp, the former Purdue and Huntington North guard isn’t ready to fully commit to the Mad Ants, Fort Wayne’s NBA Development League team. But he knows they’re there just in case. “I’m trying to weigh some options and see if there’s any interest anywhere else,” Kramer said. “At this point I’d probably say the Mad Ants are the most realistic thing that would happen for me.”
Chris Kramer’s professional basketball future could be decided in the next three weeks. Kramer will head to San Antonio on Sept. 7 to work out with the Spurs for a couple days, he said Wednesday. NBA training camps start at the end of September. Training camps for overseas clubs begin in the next couple of weeks and those seasons start in October, agent Buddy Baker said. So something has to be decided soon. “A lot of times with rookie players, they don’t get their first job until mid-September. That’s not uncommon,” Baker said. “We have a lot of players do that. We always tell guys it’s better to wait and take the right job instead of rushing and take a job.”