Chris Mullin Rumors

Now all that’s missing on the St. John’s coaching staff for the full “Run TMC” reunion is Tim Hardaway. Mitch Richmond will fill the vacant assistant coaching spot under head coach Chris Mullin, the school announced Thursday. Richmond served as a special advisor for the Johnnies last season. Richmond and Mullin played together for three years on the Golden State Warriors, part of a high-scoring trio that also included Hardaway.
Colangelo: I called a meeting in Chicago of former Olympic coaches going back to 1960; only two were unable to make it. So we had a great array of former coaches and Olympian basketball players going way back and current, including Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Jerry West, I could go on and on. Tooley: Michael Jordan was there, Dean Smith, John Thompson, Lenny Wilkins, Larry Bird was there as a player, [Clyde] Drexler, Chris Mullin. Ford: Jerry West spoke very emotionally about how important [USA Basketball was to him]. He said, “The only jersey that gets hung in my house is my USA jersey. I couldn’t wait to go over and play the Russians.”
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With the help of NBA Hall of Famer and sponsor Chris Mullin, Williams has since sobered up, but he’s still got some stories to tell. Williams took some time away from his mentoring job at the Epiphany’s Treatment Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. to speak with Vice Sports about the craziness of ’90s NBA party culture. The New York City native starts off the podcast with hilarious tales that will make you laugh about these 24-hour party people that happens to represent one of the greatest eras in NBA history. He gives anecdotes of the following:
If NBA teams were smarter, they’d sell three kinds of tickets to Warriors games: one for the game, one for Curry’s pre-game show and one for both. Oh, the money that could be made. Kerr and Mullin, who both spent time playing and traveling with Michael Jordan, said the nation’s infatuation with Curry is getting to that place where comparisons are warranted. “I was around Michael during the summer of ’92,” Mullin said. “So yeah, I think it’s at that level.”