Chris Wallace Rumors

Peter Vecsey: On the day Fizdale and the Grizzlies ended their alliance after one season and 19 games (7-12), I revealed he’d forced management to fire him by refusing to reconcile differences with Marc Gasol. Fizdale appeared to have made that clear the previous evening by benching the All-Star center for the final 15 minutes in a loss to the Nets. The next day, in an emergency meeting convened by GM Chris Wallace, there was no bout a doubt it, as we used to say back in the day.
“Right now, we need Marc Gasol to be what he’s capable of, which is one of the elite centers in the league,” said general manager Chris Wallace, who is adamant that the Grizzlies won’t shift into rebuilding mode by shopping Gasol or Conley in the trade market. “He’s the most versatile center in the league. We don’t need him to go into a phone booth and put a cape on and be Superman. Just be Marc, and the rest of the things will work out.”
2 months ago via ESPN
The Grizzlies will certainly trade Gasol. When he asks to be traded. I bring this up in the wake of an ESPN story in which Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace says, “We have no intention to trade Marc.” Wallace couldn’t have said anything else, of course, but the quote fits everything the Grizzlies have said for years. They aren’t trying to tank or rebuild or pick whatever verb you prefer. They want to win as much as they can for as long as they can. If they wind up missing the playoff this year, they’ll be able to add a lottery pick during the offseason and try to be back in the playoffs next year, when they owe a protected first-round pick to the Boston Celtics as part of the Jeff Green deal.
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