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If there’s one thing Stern doesn’t love – never has, and never will – it’s the chronic complaints from coaches about officiating this time of year. Here’s looking at you David Fizdale and Fred Hoiberg. “(It’s) really just a modern version of what a coach tries to do to inspire his players and attempt to influence the officiating,” Stern said. “That’s as old as Pat Riley and Phil Jackson (doing it) back in the day. If the moon is up during the playoffs – (if it’s not) on a Sunday or a Saturday afternoon – the coaches will be baying at the moon and at the officiating.
Storyline: Officiating Complaints
The Spurs coach appears to have left a monstrous $5,000 tip on a dinner at McEwen’s Memphis last week ahead of Game 4, according to a photo posted to Reddit. “Coach Popovich has been in our restaurant in the past multiple times,” McEwen’s owner Bert Smithe told, though he did not confirm whether the Spurs coach dined there recently.

Though coach Pop has not confirmed the transaction, a number of factors give this tale authenticity: The handwriting appears to match, the Spurs were in town for games on April 20 and 22 and the FedEx Forum is only blocks away from McEwen’s, which is known for its wine selection. “We don’t discuss anything that goes on when VIPs are in the building,” Smithe said, adding he heard people discussing Popovich’s tip in town Tuesday.