Coaching Rumors

Ian Begley: Interesting point from Hornets coach Steve Clifford about the potential challenge to playing younger players so the organization can evaluate them, something the Knicks are doing now: “People talk about development or being able to see guys for next year. If you can’t be organized when somebody’s on the floor, one you can’t evaluate them and two, they’re hurting the ability of the other guys to play…younger players have to be able to play in a way on the floor where the team can function. Because otherwise you can say you’re evaluating them but you’re screwing the other four guys up and you can’t evaluate them.”
The next step is keeping Dragic at this level and getting Wade back, after Dragic initially had deferred upon Wade’s return at the Feb. 8 NBA trading deadline. Wade has been dealing with a balky hamstring but was able to work out during the trip. “He’s been playing like that for a while — and even with Dwyane,” Spoelstra said of Dragic, with the Heat now off until Monday’s game against the Denver Nuggets at the start of a two-game homestand at AmericanAirlines Arena. “And we need Dwyane and Goran playing at an extremely high level, both of them, at the same time. “Before Dwyane got hurt, I loved where our team was offensively. We had great balance and I’m sure it was probably on opponents’ minds, ‘How are we going to prepare? OK, we have to cover Dwyane, [Wayne] Ellington and down the line.’ “
Storyline: Wade-Dragic Dynamic