Coaching Rumors

The Yahoo story, of course, made it clear that Calipari hadn’t been offered a job, so it was an easy thing for him to deny. By saying for the umpteenth time that he will be staying in Lexington, Calipari successfully squelched his latest NBA flirtation — but did nothing for the dumpster fire that is the Kings. While Ranadive, the owner, has dispatched lawyers to peruse coach George Karl’s coaching contract for ways to fire him for cause, league sources told, it’s viewed in the coaching industry as a long shot at best.
Meanwhile, Vlade Divac, the Kings’ vice president of basketball and franchise operations, told ESPN’s Marc Stein on Tuesday that a Yahoo! Sports report about Calipari’s interest in coaching and running the Kings’ front office is “absolutely not true.” Said Divac: “The only person in our organization who [handles] something like this is me, and I’ve had zero conversations with John Calipari. We have a coach here.”
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