Coaching Rumors

The reality is that ownership isn’t entirely unhappy with how Scott is running things, and with Kobe Bryant in the last year of his contract they haven’t gone into full youth movement mode anyway. While Scott has taken a ton of heat for not getting more minutes for second overall pick D’Angelo Russell, his lack of playing time is as much his own fault as it his coach’s. Russell came into camp unprepared physically and mentally to make the NBA leap and that has led to a slow start that Scott has taken some of the blame for.
Storyline: Byron Scott Hot Seat?
While a Memphis Commercial Appeal story a couple of weeks ago made it sounds as if Joerger’s job was as safe as anybody’s on this list, there were sentiments even before the team’s rough start that ownership wasn’t completely in love with their head coach. Joerger did push for the Mario Chalmers trade, which for some reason was a catalyst in vaulting the Grizzlies back into contention, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s safe long-term.
Maybe Luke Walton is going to get credit for those 16 Warriors wins after all. A source confirmed Friday that the league is looking into the long-held custom of wins not being credited to interim coaches, but rather to coaches on leave such as the Warriors’ Steve Kerr. The reconsideration likely has to do with the awkward situation the league is about to face: Who gets named Western Conference coach of the month honors? “It doesn’t matter to me,” Walton said of the possibility of having wins on his record as the league reviewed the Warriors’ extenuating circumstances. “It really doesn’t…I’m good either way.”