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“It’s from a coach’s perspective, from how he sees this player fitting in. And Brad does it through video, he does it through statistics and analytics, and he shows it on the chalkboard,” Ainge said. “He shows exactly what he’s looking for from that player and how that player can be utilized. It’s not fluff. And I think the players see that. It’s not trying to make a case like, ‘You have to come here because of this statistic.’ It’s real stuff. And I think that that’s what players appreciate is that openness.”
3 hours ago via ESPN
The paths of Hayward and Stevens diverged for seven years, their interactions severely limited during the past four because of NBA tampering rules. But now they’re together again and those around the Butler program are convinced the Butler bond played a key role in Hayward’s decision. “Unless you’ve really lived it, it’s hard to explain to people on the outside,” said Matthew Graves, an assistant under Stevens at Butler who now coaches at the University of South Alabama. “[Outsiders] get a feel for [the Butler bond]. You’re getting a feel for it. But unless you’re really part of it, it’s really something truly special.”
3 hours ago via ESPN
There’s no doubt Popovich, who served five years in the United States Air Force, took the job to serve his country and represent Team USA in the Olympics. But outsiders see the immense recruiting potential that will come with it. The players’ respect and admiration for Pop is well known. James has called him the greatest coach of all time. It’s not a stretch to think the Spurs’ next star alongside Kawhi Leonard, who turned down the Rio Olympics in 2016, could be on Team USA in the coming years after getting to know Pop.
13 hours ago via ESPN