CSKA Moscow Rumors

Sonny Weems returning to NBA?

Nobody was expecting that with the American Forward Sonny Weems having a guarantee contract with CSKA until the summer of 2017. CSKA made the official announcement on Tuesday evening and the big news are here. He is leaving CSKA in order to get back to the NBA. Here you can read the official announcement of VTB Champions and what the player and Andrey Vatutin quoted. “Once Sonny Weems addressed the club his desire to try to get back to the NBA, our club decided not to prevent, taking into account how valuable Sonny was for the team past three years. The contract negotiations at NBA can start only after July 1, and CSKA was not able to wait until this time, so the parties agreed to terminate the contract now”
Like every summer the rumors about CSKA are raging. One of them is about Milos Teodosic and his departure from the team from Moscow. A lot has been heard and it has even been written that he’s a breath away from a deal with Fenerbahce. The truth is that so far nothing has happened and there is no indication at all that CSKA is going to cut off the Serbian guard and ask him to break their contract. Milos Teodosic has a contract with CSKA until the summer of 2017, there is no release clause from the side of the player, nor the side of the team, not even an NBA Out. So it seems, then, that despite the “easy” rumors, the 28 year old playmaker will continue with the club for a 5th season.
UPDATE: There are rumors now that he might leave Barcelona this summer and maybe go to the NBA orCSKA Moscow, the club in Europe with the most money. It’s really all rumors though and tough to say what is really true. Tomic is easily a NBA rotation player, if not a starter, but he is a uniquely skilled player and the fit needsto be right. Think whatever the opposite of Gobert and Favors are as players. My guess is if Utah didn’t own his rights and he was a free agent he’d already be in the league. If he really wants to come over, maybe he could also be a trade chip if Utah doesn’t see the fit.

Andrei Kirilenko may retire at the end of the season

The Russian superstar came back home after three months out of action in the NBA due to family reasons. He signed a short-term contract with CSKA in mid February wanting to win the Euroleague for first time and is ready to finish his career this summer. “I’m happy finally coming back home and it’s a great chance to finish my career at home. That’s probably my last season. I’m still thinking about next year but for this moment I feel like this, that it’s my last season” said Andrei Kirilenko to the Euroleague TV show “Eurofighters” on Canal+.

Andrei Kirilenko returns to Russia

Forward Andrey Kirilenko (34 y.o., 206 cm) will join our team on today’s practice. Famous Russian player who was recently waived by the Philadelphia 76ers signed with CSKA until the end of the season. Media attention! Kirilenko’s press conference will take place today, February 24, at 4:30 pm, in CSKA USH press center (use club’s entrance). The team practice starts at 6:30 pm, media allowed for first 15 minutes. Kirilenko started his pro career in Spartak St. Petersburg in age 16 and took CSKA offer a year after. He spent two years in army team, he was chosen in the first round of NBA draft and signed his first contract with Utah Jazz in 2001. He played for 10 seasons, was an NBA All-Star, led the league in blocked shots and was chosen to NBA All-Defensive Teams. Kirilenko led Team Russia to 2007 Eurobasket gold, taking the MVP honors and FIBA Europe Player of the Year trophy. He helped the team to win the Eurobasket bronze in 2011 taking the All-Tournament team honors.
Andrei Kirilenko all but confirmed Eurohoops’ report about his return to CSKA Moscow by speaking to Russian newspaper “Sport-Express”. Despite reports about the opposite, he stated that he is ready to return to action. As he said: “If I was finished, I wouldn’t do nothing now and I wouldn’t be ready to sign with a new team. I believe I can still play on the highest level and if I feel that I can’t or that I don’t want to anymore, I will stop the same moment and I will not regret it at all. It’s not only about money, there’s has to be also a motive and a bond. In Minessota and in Utah I had that, but not in Philadelphia. I never understood why the Sixers kept me. For them it was like throwing money down the drain”.