D-League Rumors

The Wizards will have their own team in the developmental NBA G League that will be based in Washington and begin playing in the 2018-19 season. The Wizards announced the acquisition of the team Wednesday that will play home games at their new 5,000-seat practice facility in Southeast Washington. It’s the 27th team in the newly renamed league sponsored by Gatorade that was previously known as the NBA D League.
Storyline: D-League Expansion
The G League has arrived. The rebranding of what had been known as the NBA Development League went into effect Tuesday, designed to coincide with NBA draft week — since it’s certain many of the players who will be selected will spend some time in the G League this coming season. It’s a partnership with Gatorade, in a deal that was announced back in February, but the new name is no abbreviation: What was often called the D-League is now officially the “NBA G League.”
Teams at the back end of the second round called to offer D-League opportunities, but Ferrell and his agent turned them down. Once Tyrone Wallace’s name was called at No. 60, Ferrell sat without a team while the future of his career hung in the balance. “That night I was pretty sad because after 11 of my 16 pre-draft workouts, I felt like I could really say that I impressed the organizations and I felt like one team wanted to pick me up in the draft,” says Ferrell, who was in Indianapolis before heading back to Dallas for offseason workouts, when we spoke. “That was a tough night. But I stayed with it—I used it as another chip on my shoulder.”
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Silver said during his annual presser that “over the course of the next season,” the league will probably discuss the age limit. “To be honest, I’m not standing here today saying I have the perfect solution,” he added. “The college coaches and athletic directors I hear from, they’re not happy with the current system. And I know our teams aren’t happy either, in part because they don’t necessarily think that the players who are coming into the league are getting the kind of training they would expect to see among top draft picks in the league. … [I]ncreasingly the veteran players in this league, as well, feel that the young players are not coming in game-ready in the way that they were when they were coming out of college.”