Danny Ainge Rumors

Crowder knows what the Celtics need — he was, after all, one of the players chosen by Danny Ainge to help with free-agent recruiting pitches this summer. From Ainge, that was a vote of confidence — the players who were asked to help were players likely to be in Boston long-term. “Obviously, that’s a big step,” Crowder said. “I can’t say no to that. I took it in. I was very humbled and grateful for the opportunity to show that I’m a big part of the puzzle.”
The Celtics have been at the center of trade rumors since they began rebuilding but they have made few deals. As the rebuild has progressed, the roster has been upgraded and Ainge has been hesitant to break up the current core for the sake of making headlines or appeasing an impatient fan base. “Well, I don’t even pay attention to it,” Ainge said of rumors. “I mean I hear about it from you guys. I get calls sometimes from one of my kids, but I don’t pay attention. We have a good group of core young players that everybody in the league likes.”
There is also a perception amongst NBA circles that other general managers may be daunted by making deals with Ainge since the last three major deals — Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Nets, Rajon Rondo for Jae Crowder, and Isaiah Thomas for a late first-round pick — have all favored the Celtics. “Most of the deals at the time made sense for both [teams],” he said. “Sometimes later down the road, like our Brooklyn deal, for example, at the time everybody thought Brooklyn was on top and so did I. They were getting Paul and KG and it looked like they were a true contender. I thought that was a win-win trade. So this year we ended up with the No. 3 pick [from the Nets] and I thought it was going to be a No. 23 pick. So sometimes it’s just good fortune. It’s not like somebody won a trade over on somebody, things just didn’t work out in Brooklyn like they hoped with injuries.”