Danny Ainge Rumors

“It’s from a coach’s perspective, from how he sees this player fitting in. And Brad does it through video, he does it through statistics and analytics, and he shows it on the chalkboard,” Ainge said. “He shows exactly what he’s looking for from that player and how that player can be utilized. It’s not fluff. And I think the players see that. It’s not trying to make a case like, ‘You have to come here because of this statistic.’ It’s real stuff. And I think that that’s what players appreciate is that openness.”
7 days ago via ESPN
His father was a star athlete who played football and basketball at the University of Oregon, and his older brothers were players of note, as well. Then Danny came along and another Ainge became a hated rival, especially when he and North Eugene High won two straight state basketball titles and he was All-Oregon in football, basketball and baseball. “I think that at a young age I got used to all that,” Ainge said. “I remember having death threats when I was playing quarterback for our high school football team. “One time I was dating a girl who was a cheerleader for one of the schools in our city that we played, and she called me to warn me that there was a $1,500 bounty on taking me out of the game.