Danny Ainge Rumors

There seems to be no question Danny Ainge is shooting for a big move by Thursday’s trade deadline. But if one is not available, he appears more than willing to play the patience game. According to several sources here at the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, the Celtics are heavily involved, at least in terms of discussions, on a number of fronts as both a main participant and as a facilitator. As yet, however, there has been nothing truly available that is worthy of their top assets.
During a Thursday interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich, Ainge fielded a question about whether his mentality has changed due to the Celtics’ recent success or the potential vulnerability of Eastern Conference opponents. “I’m certainly aware of of our competition all around the East,” Ainge replied. “It’s not from a lack of desire to want to do a trade, but as an organization we have priorities and a plan. … We’re not looking for Band-Aids and we’re not looking to give up future assets. We’re trying to build something that is a little bit more sustainable than we are to rent a player.”
“Everybody knows the assets that we have and the young players that we have,” Ainge added in another part of the chat. “So I think that’s the challenge. In any conversation we have the price is a lot because of what we have in the bank. So I think that’s the challenge we’re facing. And we’re trying to stick to our plan. If a deal comes along where the price to add someone to the team who is more long-term as opposed to someone who is just the last 25 games of the season, we have more interest in that than we do in finding a Band-Aid.”